Shadows And Reflections Are Everywhere

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Hello, shadows and reflection hunters!

😎 πŸ“· 😎

It's been a while since I've written anything in this community, but I've taken the time to bring back memories of chasing shadows and reflections. As far as I remember Shadow hunters is one of the oldest contests in the Hive ecosystem and also the first community I joined.

It's not that I don't want to post, I still participate in the community but I have a different role now so this is not a contest post.

As the community grows, I would like to address this post mainly to younger and new members who may need some encouragement or advice.
Shadow Hunters is a very niche community, not so much concerned with photographic techniques but with the shadows and reflections that our phones and cameras capture.

This may seem overstated, but I can also say, from my own experience, that being part of this community (which means regularly posting) makes you a better photographer. It sounds unbelievable but we can debate it in the comments.
When hunting shadows and reflections becomes a routine for you, and when you see the world through the prism of shadows and color shades in reflections, and then when you look at your own photos, you also start to learn about photo techniques and procedures that can make your shots even better.

I mentioned in the title that shadows and reflections are practically everywhere.

Good morning! 😁

When I wake up and open my eyes, I see a shadow on the wardrobe and the wall, formed by the sun's rays penetrating through the roller blind on the window.
If you have made it a routine to participate in this group, then you immediately grab your phone (I have it next to me because it has an alarm clock) and record it.


Ugh, what a mess, everything is all messed up, it's not a good photo (my wife would say why are you even posting this 😁), but if you focus on the shadows they are on the wall and on the cupboards and drawers in different colors.
Ok, ok, 😁 that's better, more artistic 😁


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Boring queue
It's a winter storm outside, and I'm waiting in a boring queue. Again a chance - a photo of the reflection, in the car mirror! :)


😎 πŸ“· 😎

Shadows and reflections are everywhere.

So why not post them here? It costs you absolutely nothing, just a few minutes of your time and maybe you'll win a prize.

For every post you get a vote from the community account (@hive-179017), @ecency POINTS (which you can use for promotion and boost), for every comment on all community posts you get staked ARCHON tokens.
There will be many more reward opportunities coming soon.

And a word about the rules for contests:

  • each post must contain AT LEAST 50 WORDS to be eligible for the main prizes;
  • more photos are better than just one, the first one will be chosen for the prize unless you mention otherwise;
  • the post must be in the Shadow Hunters community;
  • the title of the post must be clear - Entry for Shadow or Reflection Hunters Contest round XX;
  • you must post a link to your post in the comment section of the weekly contest;
  • photos must be your own, there is no tolerance for plagiarism, if found you will be blocked and placed on the Hive blacklist

Current contests you can enter:

Happy Shadows and Reflections hunting!

😎 πŸ“· 😎

A big thank you to @melinda010100, @annephilbrick, @olgavita, and @eolianpariah for their selfless efforts in organizing and delivering all this. And @hive-179017 to serve.

50% of the earnings of this post goes to a community account (@hive-179017).

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I'm now sorting through my photos taken before, even a year ago, and can rarely see anything suitable for shadow and reflection contests. Why? The answer is easy - basically, I can see mostly myself, my family or friends with something at the background.
Starting to hunt for shadows and reflections, I can just ask myself how it was possible not to see so many intersting things around! It turned out that it, the world around us, is so diverse and sometimes unexpected! I absolutely agree with you, @seckorama and let me thank you for this post. Dear our new members - "hunt", participate in our contests, and you will see how much more interesting the world around you has become.

A post that motivates me to practice taking good pictures more often. Thank @seckorama!I'm still confused about this photo. If I zoom in on this photo there are also some pictures of green trees and they are clearly classified as Reflection photography, but the image of people sitting and enjoying coffee is just a silhouette.
It is shadow or reflection @seckorama?

Well, if you want the answer 😎: if that partition or wall behind the guy on the left is glass, it's a reflection in it. If that wall is made of some kind of canvas so that light can get through, then we have a shadow of a person, and the rest of the pub can be seen through.

A pretty cool explanation.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ» Well, that's a wall covered with ceramics. Can we call it a shadow and reflection photo for my photo?😊

Of course, you can. But there's no need to go into so much detail for posting this. You can post it in one contest /Shadows/Reflections and ask people what they think it is. And that they need to explain what they think that in comments. And after a week, choose winner and give him a reward. 😎 😁 sound great

Some good inspiration for others to cast a shadow or reflection, @seckorama. Ok your bed is a bit messed up but you got a nice shadow and that was the point. 😊 Lovely reflection in the car mirror .

Exactly. That's the point. Focus on the shadow or the reflection. 😎 πŸ‘

indeed shadows and reflections are everywhere. sadly they are very often overlooked

Reflection is easy to call if the reflection is colored, but if it is black it belongs to the silhouette. Well, here the question will also arise what is the difference between a silhouette and a shadow?

this is a silhouette. when you see a silhouette you are looking directly at a real person or object but you are looking toward a bright light like the sun. the light behind is so bright that you cannot see details or color only black but if you have a bright torch and shine it on them then you will be able to see normal details and color of the person again.

if we were on the other side of them with the sun behind us we could easily see the shadow of the person. it is there but from where we stand we cannot see it because everything seems dark compared to the bright sky and the shadow blends into that darkness.

a shadow is not an object or person, it occurs when something is blocking the path of a light source like the sun or torch or candle. if you shine a bright light on a shadow it will disappear. if the sun is very low you will make a long shadow and if the sun is right overhead there will be almost no shadow. so your shadow may not look like you

reflections need light but not so much. on a cloudy day there are no shadows but there are still plenty of reflections everywhere. color is often a good indicator that what you see is a reflection but remember reflections of black objects are still reflections.

I got it my best friend @eolianpariah. Brilliant explanation ! MILLION THanks


@eolianpariah(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

You are right. But let's hope that will change, albeit slowly. 😎

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I love seeing new users come into the community and not only learn to take better photos but also learn to create better posts! There are so many enthusiastic community members who support each other. I love Shadow Hunters!
It's great to see shadow and reflection photos from you again! Thanks for creating this post. I promoted it.

Thank you for your little boost to post shadows and reflections @seckorama. I was a lot more active a while ago as a Shadow Hunter but have let it slide!
Obviously time to get going again as there are shadows and reflections in my photo library just waiting to be in a post again. Regards Angie