My Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh Round #218: Some shadow photos on the 3rd floor of our office

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Hello friends of the Shadow Hunters community, how are you all? I hope all of you are always in good condition, healthy, abundant, and full of love. Amen.

Shadow contest/SMASh round #218 has started. Congratulations to the announced winners of the Shadow contest/SMASh round #217.

For friends who want to take part in this Shadow contest, you can read the rules on @melinda010100's blog:

Shadow Hunters Contest-Round 218 @melinda010100/shadow-hunters-contest-round-218

This is my entry for Shadow contest/SMASh round #218:







These are the shadow photos I found on the 3rd floor of our office. Incidentally yesterday and today is my schedule to work the morning shift. As usual every 10 am, we had to go around patrolling all the rooms in the office building.

That's all my contest entry for Shadow contest Round #218. Thank you for the support from the Shadow Hunters community that is always given to us in the city of Bogor, especially Thank to @melinda010100, @olgavita, @seckorama, @annephilbrick, @hive-179017, @eolianpariah.

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Original Picture@parung76
ThemeEntry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh Round #218

Thank You

Best Regard,



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These are wonderful Shadow photos! Thanks for entering the shadow contest again ♥️

Yes thank you for your support 😊


Thank you for the support 😁


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