Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 77 🌞 Announcement! 🌞

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Round 76 is now closed.

Winners will be announced and rewards given within the next 24 hours.


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Our community prize fund consists of Ecency POINTS generously donated by @good-karma at @ecency, @maonx, @annephilbrick and @dodovietnam. For this round we will also have 5 HIVEs, so five our winners will get 1 HIVE each in addition to 100 ecency points.


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🔅 Post in the 👉 Shadow Hunters Community
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🔆 Tell us something about your Reflections using at least 50 words in ENGLISH (in one language) to describe your entry picture. It is important! If you write in other languages, you can use any translator to add the description in English to your post.
🔅To increase your chance to win, please include more than one photo in your post.
🔅 It should go without saying that the photo must be your original work. NEVER use photos you find on the Internet. No plagiarism, please!
🔅 We can accept ONLY ONE entry per person in each round. Please be fair to everyone and do not enter from more than one account.
🔅The title of your post should make clear that it is your ~ Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest.
🔅 When you create a post with multiple reflection photos, you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first photo will be assumed.
🔆Please use 👉 #Reflections as one of your first 5 tags.

Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Сreativity counts. Phone photos are great - this is not a photography contest!

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Do not miss the Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 231

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Now I need some time to sort your fantastic entries out. Oh, it is an extremely hard work which is waiting for me - to make a choice, please believe! See you very soon!

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thanks - was luck really !

💞 Thank you @hoosie for entering round 77 🤗!

great reflection

Many thanks - was pure luck to be honest -right place at the right time !

That is a very nice picture. Nice reflection too.

Cool shot! The water looks so still.

Beautiful) good luck with the contest!

How do these weeks fly by so quickly? I'm looking forward to seeing more reflections!

💞 Thank you @orysja-m for entering round 77 🤗!

Hello @olgavita, here is my entry to reflection hunter-round 77:

Hi @olgavita, I have re-edited the entry for this round of 77 reflection challenge, I hope you accept it 🙏

beautiful reflections 😍

Sorry, @abizahid , but I can't accept this entry 😟 . It is our rule: one participant - one picture. You still have enough time to change. 💞

OK, I've edited my post. Thank you for reminding me of the contest rules in our community, of course I will abide by them.

Btw, can I still use the other photo that I deleted to enter the next contest @olgavita?

There was no problem with your post, @abizahid ! The important thing is to change your ENTRY PICTURE here because IT will participate in the contest. You can just edit it. ❤️

That is alright now, thank you @abizahid !

💞 Thank you @abizahid for entering round 77 🤗!

Wonderful! Double sun, double rays :)

Thanks for the nice comment, have a nice day my friend

You're welcome! Enjoy the rest of the day :)

line geometry) good luck to you!

💞 Thank you @iscrak for entering round 77 🤗!

💞 Thank you @leeart for entering round 77 🤗!

Thanks so much! Have a good one :)

💞 Thank you @suzana72 for entering round 77 🤗!

My pleasure @olgavita 🥰🌹

This is marvelous!

thank you.

You're welcome :) Cheers!

😱 This is amazing 😍

💞 Thank you @hindavi for entering round 77 🤗!

original) good luck in the contest!

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I am very grateful, @ecency ❤️!

Here's my entry!

Incandescent String Lights Reflected in Glass Door

💞 Thank you @tydynrain for entering round 77 🤗!

My pleasure @olgavita! Thank you! 🙏 💚

Aquí les dejo mi participación en la ronda 77.😘

Here is my participation in round 77.


💞 Thank you @jaci11 for entering round 77 🤗!

I like the rays here :)

yippee a new round

Yes, weeks fly like days 😁❤️!

You've been curated by @plantpoweronhive! Delegations welcome!

Find our community here

Curation Trail

Thank you, @plantpoweronhive ❤️

💞 Thank you @jmis101 for entering round 77 🤗!

Thank you very much

Colorful glass windows are always nice to look at :)

Yes,they are.
Thanks for stopping by.

You're welcome! Have a good one :)

Nice reflection of the shop front on the floor.

Thank you @netizen01.

The bercelona airport is full of reflections. From now on I'm going to check if the rest of the airports I visit are so full of reflections.


I loved this 😍

Thank you @marbrym for your comment

Your welcome 🌸🤝

Cool reflection :) The guy looks surprised :D

Thank you very much for your comment. In fact, I had to explain the reason for the photo and he gave me consent without having to delete it.

Oh, that's good that he agreed :)

💞 Thank you @castri-ja for entering round 77 🤗!

What did you buy? ) good luck in the contest!

I have not purchased anything. LOL

💞 Thank you @marbrym for entering round 77 🤗!

Thanks to you @olgavita, for me is a pleasure 😎

Interesting reflection. Good luck.

Thank you very much 🌸😉

💞 Thank you @nenio for entering round 77 🤗!

Hi, everybody! My entry: Fun with Light and Reflections ⬇️


💞 Thank you @zoricatech for entering round 77 🤗!

My pleasure!

Now that's colorful. I like how vibrant the colors are :)

CD Play... 😊 I like vibrant colors, too. Sometimes. Thanks for commenting, @leeart.

That takes me back to the days when we are crazy for CDs lol! You're welcome. Enjoy your weekend!

All the best!

💞 Thank you @moonlight222 for entering round 77 🤗!

Nice reflections.

This is relaxing. I could picture myself in the water watching the sun go down.

💞 Thank you @stresskiller for entering round 77 🤗!

That's a nice photography. And a nice capture of reflection.

thank you

Awesome! Is it a mosquito?

no it's a robberfly a mosquito looks like this :

Oh, I see :D I don't know what a robberfly is :D

You take stunning macros, @stresskiller 👍! They look very impressive!

Thank you @olgavita

💞 Thank you @netizen01 for entering round 77 🤗!

Thank you.

💞 Thank you @parung76 for entering round 77 🤗!

Thank you 😊

Hola @olgavita. Saludos a toda esta bella familia de cazadores de sombres , se me había olvidado colocar por acá mi participación....que pena.... pero allí les va mi participación en cazadores de reflejos. Espero les guste. jejeje. Saludos y muchas bendiciones.


💞 Thank you @oli1965 for entering round 77 🤗!

💞 Thank you @jishan5 for entering round 77 🤗!

💞 Thank you @niznov for entering round 77 🤗!

💞 Thank you @lucieagboola for entering round 77 🤗!