Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest WINNERS-Round 230

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 230th Show Me A Shadow Contest

This week each of the
10 Show Me A Shadow contest winners will receive 200 Ecency POINTS AND 1 HIVE- and an entry into @pixresteemer's Re-hive contest. Be sure to follow @pixresteemer. Good luck to everyone. Getting your posts seen is important and @pixresteemers efforts to reblog your posts is a great prize.

There will be 3 Honorable mentions this week receiving Ecency POINTS donated by @maonx and @annephilbrick LEN Token prizes are donated by @seckorama and can be found in your Hive Engine wallet.

in no particular order





















Honorable Mentions ✴️ will receive 100 POINTS donated by @maonx and @annephilbrick. and 5 LEN tokens donated by @seckorama







Let's go Shadow Hunting!

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All comments written on my posts, and any posts in Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters, Ladies of Hive, and the FeelGood CommunityI posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.




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Congratulations to all the winners and also honorable mention SMSHS-round 230, all of your posts are amazing. Keep up the good work guys 👍

Btw, miss @melinda010100 this morning I just delegated a total of 25 HP to the account @hive-179017. Sorry that's all I can give to this great community, my warmest regards 🙏

That is very generous of you and I appreciate your support! All the community members will be grateful when the vote they get from hive-179017 is a bit larger! Thank you!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 117 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

congrats to all winners
thank you for the selection and support

Thank you

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wohooo thank you very much for selecting my shadow photo.
and congrats for the other winner

Congrats to you!

@ekavieka! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @melinda010100. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.


PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@melinda010100(2/10) tipped @penyaircyber (x1)

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Thanks for the mention!

Congrats to all the chosen entries.


Guaoooo que honor para mi @melinda010100 hacerme acreedora de gran premio. Gracias de verdad, no me lo esperaba. Todas las sombras estuvieron geniales muchas felicidades al resto de los amigos virtuales. Pues seguiré capturando sombras, me encanta. Bendiciones y saludos para todos.

Thank you for the prize, and congratulations to all the winners. 🤗👏🏆

Excellent set of the shadows presented by the winners and honourable mentions! Congratulations to all of you 🎉👏

Thanks so much for my Ecency points and the honor of winning this challenge.
Congratulations to all,great shadows!

nice collection of shadows. congrubulations to the winners, especially @sammy00
it is also very nice to see the prizes include 1 Hive now

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Oh, qué grata sorpresa que mi fotografía de la sombra del abuelito haya sido seleccionada entre las imágenes ganadoras. Mi agradecimiento a @melinda010100, @hive-179017 y todos los que hacen posible que este concurso continúe semana tras semana. Felicitaciones a todos los demás cazadores de sombras que aparecen en este post. Y a todos: adelante con nuestras cacerías.

Oh, what a pleasant surprise that my photograph of Grandpa's shadow has been selected among the winning images. My thanks to @melinda010100, @hive-179017 and everyone who makes it possible for this contest to continue week after week. Kudos to all the other Shadowhunters featured in this post. And to all: forward with our hunts.