My shadow follows me | Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh.

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"I like my shadow; it reminds me that I exist."
Mehmet Murat ildan


This image above is the contest image.

My walking companion, the one who follows me everywhere and never leaves me alone. My shadow friend, sometimes in front of me and sometimes watching my back.

Sometimes she tells me I'm thin and sometimes she tells me I'm fat, sometimes giant, and sometimes dwarf. Always reminding me that I exist and that without her I would only be a body.

Hello friends shadow hunters, these images that I share today are a compilation of several of my own shadows, the shadows of some friends, shadows of the trees on the roads I ride my bike. I've been hunting shadows but sometimes I think they are stalking me! 😁

Follow the rules in this link to participate in this contest, and have fun hunting shadows.


Thanks for stopping by

With love. MBallesteros. 🖤




A lovely post and a fantastic selection of shadow photos! You had a very successful hunt. Thanks for entering the shadow contest 🌞

Thank you Melinda, I love to participate in this contest when I have some shadow photos! Thank you also for the ecency points! ❤️🤗

Awesome collection of shadows :) I wish you the best on the challenge :)

Hi, thanks for your good wishes. I also wish you good luck as I see you are entering the contest with some lovely photos.

Thank you lots :) It's been a while since I last participated :)

Thank you! 🤗

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I'm sorry I missed your posts, @mballesteros ! I have to be more diligent in checking. Such beautiful pictures. I left a little tip, but I will be watching more carefully in the future. You are such a great photographer.

Don't worry my friend, we all have many occupations.
I wish you a nice Sunday and good health!😘🤗