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Hello, my friends.

This is my application for the contest Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round #47 by @olgavita

Another week of reflection hunting has begun. Well, I have some loot. I'll show it to you.

The sun often makes bizarre reflections in our world of mirrors, monitors, windows, televisions.
Look, friends, my monitor works like a mirror. Due to the sunlight, I have a mirror image on the monitor. By all the rules, daylight falls on my workplace from the left side. But when the sun falls directly on the monitor, the image becomes not very clear. To do this, I close the window with a curtain.

This time I suddenly realized that I had to open the curtain and I would get photos for our contest. As a result, I have what I have. And I want to share these photos.
Outside the window is the very tree on which the feeders hang and birds fly to this tree to show themselves in all their beauty.

In the reflection, you can see a small mirror that I showed last week, Only there are not small peppers on it, but small red tomatoes. This is, so to speak, a prop for salon photography. I tried to joke a little.

Well. Thank you for your attention, friends.
Now you have a little idea about my workplace.

I add my beloved @archon community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.


Thanks for reading...

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Good luck and have fun


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 88 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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