ArchonTribe News 41: Winners at all!

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Hello everyone!

The 41st edition of the ArchonTribe News is out!

We support communities with our automated tools and services and here's the weekly post about contests and winners in Archon-powered communities.


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Contests winners and rewards! 🏆 🏆

Shadow hunters (SMaSh) - Show me a Shadow contest round 223, hosted by @melinda010100, winners are: @oscarps, @lanoican, @jishan5, @palomap3, @iscrak, @yorgar, @cindee08, @ekachiyuni, @syarim, and @jaci11.
Each winner received 200 Ecency POINTS from @ecency and an entry into @pixresteemer's Re-hive contest.
Honorable mentions @jamirul, @mijan11, and @netizen01. Each received 5 LEN tokens and 100 Ecency POINTS.


You can enter Shadow hunters (SMaSh) contest round 224 here, rewards 2300 Ecency POINTS and 15 LEN Tokens!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Reflection hunters contest round 69, hosted by @olgavita, winners are @oscarps, @tommyl33, @soelthan, @sobuz, and @numa26, and they received 1 HIVE and 100 Ecency Points each.

Honorable mentionS @leeart, @eolianpariah2, and @lovelyvyna, and they received 100 Ecency points each.


Enter Reflection hunters contest round 70 here, rewards 5 HIVE and 1050 Ecency POINTS!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me a Photo) contest round 72, hosted by @nelinoeva, winners are @katerinaramm, @lifeskills-tv, @eto-ka, @vm2904, and @qwerrie.
Each winner received 2 HIVE, 2 NATURE tokens, and 200 @ecency points.


You can enter Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me A Photo) - Contest Round 73 here, rewards 10 HIVE, 10 NATURE tokens, and 1000 Ecency POINTS!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Feathered Friends - Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 23, hosted by @wrestlingdesires, winners are: First place @joetunex - 3 Hive, second place @littlebee4 - 2 Hive, third place @daveyjones7 - 1 Hive.
Special mention @elentogether - 1 Hive.


🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Photochain Challenge Edition 122, hosted by @davidesimoncini, winners are @farm-mom and @gems.and.cookies. Each received 1 HIVE.
Honorable mention @adinapoli, received 1 HIVE SBI.
Each valid entry gets 10 Ecency POINTS.


You can enter Photochain Challenge Edition 123 here, rewards 2 HIVE, 2 HIVE SBI, and each valid entry 10 Ecency POINTS!!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Ladies of Hive Contest #87, hosted by @ladiesofhive, winners are:
3 HIVE Grand Prize and 300 Ecency Points winner is @purrix for the post Mythical creatures and strange food combinations.
Second-Place Winners received 2 HIVE and 150 Ecency Points each, are @mariajcastro28, @merit.ahama, and @sanjeevm.
Honorable Mentions received 1 HIVE and 50 Ecency Points each are @andr3apat1no, @brujita18, @elentogether, @irenenavarroart, @joydukeson, and @nkemakonam89.
Everyone who participates might receive LADY (LOH) token.


You can enter Ladies of Hive Community Contest #88 here, rewards 16 HIVE and 1500 Ecency Points!
btw: You can use !LADY and earn more!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

You are invited to participate in all these contests!

If you decide to post in these communities, please, READ CAREFULLY the terms, conditions, and rules for each contest.

And remember:
For all comments written on any post in these communities, you'll receive staked ARCHON tokens!

Feel free to ask this and many other questions in The Official Archon/UpFundMe Discord channel.


The Future Is Bright!

Stay Tuned!


Awesome thanks for sharing all these contests
@archonapp have a wonderful weekend 😎

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What do you call moving from the west coast to the east coast?
A depression.

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was a pleasure and surprise to see my name here. TNKS 😎


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 111 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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Thanks so much for the mention 😁💃🏻👋🏻


Great photo collages! Love the Engagement support that communities get from Archon! Thanks!


Hello @archonapp, thanks for the mention 🙂.



@archonapp Thank you for your support, a hug


@archonapp How beautiful!

Thanks so much for the shoutout 🙌 I actually had another Hive, and some Ecency Points for the taking - and I'm saying now, that they will roll over to next week, so get your entries in after I make the post :)

Thank you Archon :) !LUV 1

You're always welcome! 😎

Thanks for the mention


Thanks for the overview. I need to check which competition I should do next! Shared on ListNerds.

You're always welcome!😎

Gracias por la mención ¡Saludos!

Appreciating all you are doing for the ArchonTribe news and congrats to the contest winners.

Thanks so much for the support! Congrats to all :)

Estoy muy agradecida al equipo de @archonapp, por haber sido seleccionada como ganadora y por su significativo apoyo, a la labor realizada por los creadores de contenido, quienes tratamos en lo posible de hacerlo mejor cada día. Felicito a todos los que recibieron reconocimientos y premiso en esta gran variedad de oportunidades que se nos ofrece en estas interesantes iniciativas. Saludos y éxitos.

I am very grateful to the @archonapp team, and to @olgavita, for having been selected as a winner and for their significant support to the work done by content creators, who try as much as possible to do better every day. I congratulate all those who received awards and prizes in this great variety of opportunities offered to us in these interesting initiatives. Greetings and success.

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