ListNerds quite an interesting concept

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Heya Nerdian's wassup
Well, I am a new nerd and I joined this platform 2 days ago. I had to join it because the way our city was hyping Listnerd, no way you could escape from the temptation of not joining. This is what happens in the city of Neoxian. People search and discover new projects and then try them. If those projects are worth the effort they share in the city and tempt other citizens to have a look. For the past couple of days, our Nerd Burl was quite excited about this project. Firstly, I just ignored him because most of the time I don't trust his introduced things. There is a strong reason behind this because most things end up getting shit :P XD(Pardon my words). But When Neo sir mentioned about it that it is quite interesting then I had to give it a thought. I asked Burl to explain what it is and he did really well and all thanks to him.

Premium Membership

When I joined Listnerd i got a premium membership. Well if don't you take any membership you can still earn but when i compared the difference between free and premium then I got to know if you want to fast things then it is better to get a membership of your desired package. What I loved most about it was that you can pay through hive using hivekeychain. There is no risk.

My First ListNerd payout



After signing up the first thing I did I took the premium package. Then I purchased 3500 CTP and staked them. Because your CTP stake determines how many votes you can cast/Day. Voting is really very important because by voting you earn a MAIL token and if you get a 15k MAIL token you get another chance of SOLO Mail. Solo Mail is important because it gets verified instantly and you get a high payout like I got 122 LN. 1LN is 1.9 hive atm if you are nervous about your investment then don't because you are going to get it back soon as LN looks quite promising if we look at its price.

So far I have written what I understood about it. I will be writing more about it when I will understand it even better till then stay tuned see ya and happy nerding :P XD

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Glad you are enjoying it. One note though, I've been writing guides for my downline and other Hivers from day one that I started months ago, and I'm trying to create a brand by making my guides and posts for Listnerds recognizable. When people asked me if they could use my text dividers or header images that I created for this purpose, I said no, even to my close friends.
Therefore I hope that from now on, you will create your own image so this header stays close to the brand I'm creating, and will not confuse people being one of my guides. I see you have used a source, and in case of some images I understand that's fine, but if you look through all the guides from the first period, they all have the same header. It's my personal design in Canva and I'd like to keep it for my own use only.

Thanks for understanding.

Alright! i will keep it in mind. I took it from google and not from your blog and sourced it. And i didn't even know it belongs to you coz when i took this image from google i just went to copy its source. It was an honest mistake and i guess you should write somewhere in the image that doesn't use it :P XD

I wanted to point out what @traciyork already did below, thanks for that! I'm glad you took it down and hope you understand it's not up to the creator but the author of the post to make sure they have permission.

I'm sure you can create something yourself in Canva and start creating your own recognizable brand around your Listnerds content.

Thanks anyway for removing it, and I didn't take it as malicious or anything but that doesn't make it ok to do so.

of course, i can create my own i am just a lazy being :P so just google relative images XD Well, sincere apologies I was just playing around and didn't understand its a serious matter :)

No, actually it is the responsibility of the author of the post (in this case you,@xawi) to make sure that any images you use are not copywritten. Google absolutely does not count as a source, and it wouldn't have taken you very to find the original creator to ask permission (which in this case, would clearly not be granted). Your continued use of this image, even though @thisismylife politely asked you not to, is not particularly cool.

I took it down. Was busy so it took time pardon

Yes, the Premium upgrade will make a great difference because of solo mail, the number of emails you can send in a week, and other perks. A free account can only send one email per week. The more emails you send provided they are of high quality, the more chances they will be verified and the bigger the rewards.


thanks yea i get it this is why i went for premium sub

Yes, you made the right decision. 😊

Thanks to @burlarj, we are all Nerdians now. Nice explanation, Xawi

Welcome to listnerds Xawi. Good to have you here.


Welcome to Listnerds and it's great that you upgraded. All the best to you on your LN journey!

thanks :)

I found this to be very helpful, thank you Xawi🤗💗

welcome my dear

Good job, @xawi. You are off to a great start.

Very good explained. Learned a lot! Thanks!

I am actually surprised that you like it.

I remember you are trying out Rising star and you hate it.

Yea I don't like everything

Yeah I keep hearing about this from multiple people too. Today I'm going to allocate some time to get myself onboarded.

I was taking your posts for mail but it looks like now i cant :P coz you are gonna be Nerd too :P

Lol. I was wondering how people were reaching my post even though I was not on Listnerds.

I love reading all these ListNerds posts from new members. I, of course found your post via your List Nerds email. I have been a member of ListNerds since before the big changes. I have to admit, coming from the marketing world where all the emails pointed to programs to join this took some getting used to. But I like to adapt to new ways to do things. The more I get the hang of it the more I enjoy it. And I love seeing all the posts from people I haven't seen on Hive before. Glad you joined and you are enjoying diving in and learning how to use it.

Firstly, I just ignored him because most of the time I don't trust his introduced things.

grr you deserve a knock!

heheh :P

Hey siso, I didn't think you would find it interesting enough ... but glad to see you here too. Little thing, you don't have to vote to earn the mail tokens. The mail tokens you get for clicking on the link in the mail. Voting is to verify the mails and give the person that send out the mail a higher chance of having their mail verified.

So yeah, voting is quite important ... and I just gave you my vote. 🤗🤗🤗

yes i got it last night after posting that i don't have to vote for MAIL :P and thanks for the vote siso i always vote yours :P love siso

Welcome to ListNerds. I am sure you will learn more and more reasons to like it as time passes. Thanks for sharing.

you are welcome and thanks for stopping by

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But what is list nerds exactly? It's email on the blockchain right? But it doesn't work with regular email? Do you have a link explaining what it is exactly maybe?

Hi, If you check the blog of @thisismylife then you will see step by step guide about LN.

great, thank you

Not to link drop, but the first post I did relating to ListNerds gives a fairly decent description. Check here:

you absolutely should link drop every time the conversation can be related to a post you wrote. That's super healthy for the community SEO stuff, and thank you!

Oh okay, great! My SEO knowledge is limited to what courses Google offers, haha. So thanks for that.

you're very welcome!

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And what else does ListNerds do for you? It got you a new follower :) A new content reader.

Welcome to the ListNerds family.




yaay! thanks yup i am loving it already

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welcome here

great post. thanks for sharing your journey.

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