Exploring the Uniqueness of India's Cultural Soup! My entry to Neoxian city: Writing prompt #3

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Hello and welcome back to my blog!

We are already in the middle of 3rd month and it's time for another Neoxian writing challenge. Read more about it here. Neoxian City: Writing Prompt #3

This month's prompt had a lot of questions so let me give a detailed response to each one of those.

What are the things I am proud of in my county?

I come from India, a major developing nation in Asia and even though my country is facing some challenges but the things that I love about this country outweigh those easily.

First of all, I am proud to be an Indian. This land has been the birthplace of four major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Each of those living peacefully for thousands of years. India is so rich in culture and the linguistic diversity makes it more incredible.

India has been the land of sages and Yogis who have taught us spiritual practices and given the gift of Yoga to the world. Some of the major board games like Chess and Ladders and snakes originated from India.

India is one of the most beautiful places on earth and has a variety of landscapes ranging from the great Himalayas in the north to calm beaches in the south. From active volcanos to frozen glaciers, from highly inhabited fertile plains along the rivers to the barren islands, from the deserts of Thar to the mangroves of Sunderbans we have it all. Almost every type of biome is available in India.

This makes India a megadiverse country in biodiversity of flora and fauna. Some of the national parks here are just trips to the heavens for nature lovers.

Many of those species of plants and animals are endemic to this land only.

Apart from its Natural attraction, India maintains a high rank in the list of man-made wonders. Most people will only talk about monuments like the Taj Mahal but we have a lot of other ancient structures worthy of the Wonder of the world tag.

Humayun's Tomb

How about the massive Kailasha Temple, the biggest monolithic man-made structure carved out of a single rock from top to bottom? Or the Temples of Khajurao and Hampi, or the Tungnath Temple, the highest Shiva temple in the world? The list goes on and on.

I have visited a few temples and other historical monuments myself. That was the reason I started the #IncredibleIndia series on Hive.

Incredible India Ep #7, Lotus Temple

This land has produced some of the brightest minds from the field of maths, science, arts and engineering. We always believed in science and we had some of the best experts in astronomy. Also, we had one of the first Universities in the world. Students came from all over the world to study in the likes of Nalanda, Takshashila etc.

Even in the current times, we are one of the strongest economies of the world and many people estimate that this century is the century of India. Keep in mind that we came out of the clutches of Colonialism quite recently and most of the country simply looted which funded some of the biggest cities of Europe at that time. Some studies claim that India before colonial powers arrived on its shore contributed to around 30% of the world GDP which went down to less than 2% in 1947 during the time of our Independence.

But we stood up literally from the grasp of poverty and hunger and now look stronger than ever before.

So, to answer the question of whether my country has what it takes to develop me as a person, Yes it has everything. I don't think you need to step out of the country for anything. Of course, some people go abroad to get an education in big named Universities which is fine as long as they are getting a good education.

Would I go to another country if given the chance? A big NO. Not saying this because I am a nationalist or too patriotic. Simply because many people don't realise that each state or in some cases districts within those states are like a different country of its own. From food to language to culture, everything changes within a few hundred kilometres. So, If I would ever get bored I can simply go and live in another state. That doesn't mean people are not connected or such.

To summarise, India is a cultural mess but a good kind of mess like a soup with thousands of ingredients and each contributing something positive to the taste of the entire soup.

Thanks for reading...

Until next time...


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I remember having an Indian classmate in middle school. The kid was a genius in my opinion. He told me a little about the education system there and how it was better than the American schools.

It used to be much better in the past. But it still requires some needful changes. We have some of the brightest minds here. ( excluding me...haha)

You are a smart man. No more putting yourself down.

Aww, thank you for that 💙

Excluding you? You're one of the smartest guys I know lolz

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Thanks, bro. Means a lot. Everyone is "smart" in their own way.


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I got to love India's rich culture from watching your movies.

Considering your colonization history I'm very proud of how far you guys have developed and reading your post just made me fall in love with India the more.

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I forgot to mention the movie industry. Yes, we are very proud of it. Not just Bollywood but other regional cinemas. Just a couple of days ago, one of the movies RRR got an oscar award for its song in the 'best original song' category. So, yeah... movie industry is also what many people are proud of.

Being a very vast country, my dream is to explore every part of it. A massive task at hand, but I will try it. Thanks for your kind words, @funshee. See you around!

Have a great day!

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Your positive mindset toward your country is admirable. !luv exploring your vast and rich culture will be fun and fulfilling I wish you all the best.

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India is a beautiful and diverse place. I've come across some of your posts about Indian monuments and they're amazing. Insightful post

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Thanks, @b0s. Good to know someone is actually reading my posts.

come to jharkhand once, not every traveller's destination but it has it's own charm. There are lot of waterfalls, then there is the city of TATA Jamshedpur , Deoghar . and there is a lot more.

For sure brother, it is on my bucket list as well. Deoghar seems like a perfect place for me to visit. Hopefully one day, thanks for the invite.

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India seems to be a great country and one that has all the amenities and resources to make its citizens grow. That is amazing and I see reasons, why you wouldn´t want to leave your precious country since all of those things are available. Good luck to you.

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I feel lucky to be born here for all the reasons I mentioned in my post above. Thanks, princess. Have a great day!

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You are welcome.

India's people, culture and religious practices are things to be proud of as you stated. I can totally understand why you would never leave your country. There is no perfect place and all the ingredients in your cultural soup adds to its flavor. Nice analogy.

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Thanks for the prompt. I love to talk about my country. I have dreamed of exploring every part of the country. A pretty hard task considering the scale of India. But it is worth trying. The symbiotic relationship between man and nature is so beautiful.

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Wow I love India more after reading this, you spent so much time praising your country than any other thing and I think that is awesome.

The soup example though 😁 I like it... I love soup with so many ingredients in it lol.

Nice entry, all the best with it.

Hi, @merit.ahama

I am glad you liked it. As it is pretty evident from the post my pride comes from India's rich cultural heritage even though some foreign powers tried to undermine it for a few centuries but we always resisted and stood back again on our feet after a bad era. Things are looking promising and I love it.

Thanks for taking the time to go over this. Have a great day!

Yeah, I enjoyed learning about the beauty of India from you.
You're welcome 🙂

Reading this great insight from your country, I think I need to pay India a visit 😊
I am so proud of your country towards your development so far, your culture is amazing too and I understand why you wouldn't consider travelling to another country. Indeed no country is perfect. May the land of India favour you

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Yup, not a perfect country but it seems to be going on the right path. Still, a lot to do but nothing 1.3 billion people can't achieve...lol

Thanks for reading it. Have a nice day!

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