My country is beautiful, but I am not staying

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Hello friends, welcome to my blog. I hope we are having a good day. It's another month for the Neoxian City prompt, and this is the third one. This month's topic is so captivating that if you are not participating, you are really missing out, i must say. This question I will be talking about goes thus:

Neoxian City: Prompt #3

What are some of the things you are proud of about your country? Do you think your country has all it takes to help you develop as a person? If you could leave for another country, would you? If yes or no, explain why?

My country is full of natural resources, including petroleum, gas, tin, coal, and land. a country that cares about her people, a country with beautiful and talented people. Yeah, that's my country, a peaceful country.


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Nigeria is my country, and it's a very good country that produces talented and beautiful people. In Nigeria, we adapt to any situation, and of course I'm so proud of my country, so why am I proud of it?

Our food

So far, so good. Nigeria is one of the best countries that have good food, i.e., yummy food, to the extent that our food is all over foreign countries and very expensive there, but we can find it on a platter of gold here. Before I move further, have you eaten Nigerian food before? Amala to be precised with snail, fish, cow skin, and vegetable soup, so you are telling me you haven't eaten semovita with egusi soup before? You are missing out, darling. I happen to be a lover of food. I've eaten Chinese food before, but not to compare with Nigerian food. Imagine you have not eaten pounded yam with egusi soup mixed with lots of inside meat, snail, while you add locust bean to the egusi for better aroma. That's yummy, isn't it? I have a friend abroad, and she always tells me she won't mind buying food in Nigeria to send abroad because she couldn't find what she wanted. Do you see how nice my country is?


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In Nigeria we do not want wahala that is a problem we like to mingle and we like to make friends easily, especially Hausa people. If you happen to hear their language, they will love you with everything they have. I have a friend that knows how to speak Hausa very well, and most times we buy free things and take free rides because he can speak their language. (Believe me, I'm presently learning Hausa.) Furthermore, we have a beautiful culture and tribe, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, and we all love one another.


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Do you think your country has all it takes to help you develop as a person?

My dear country doesn't have what it takes to help me develop as a person, and not only me, but a lot of talent has been buried because of the lack of resources and equipment we do not have in our country. We have a lot of talent here in my country, but no one is ever ready to help, and the government doesn't care at all. I've seen and read about Nigerians that built cars, planes, and bikes, and all these people never went to school, where are they today if not for foreigners that sometimes intervene, I actually have a personal experience because what I'm doing presently is never what I want to do, but Nigeria changes my dreams, mine is better. Some people don't even have dreams again because there is nothing they want to use to back it up.

If I could leave for another country, would I? and why

If I could leave for another country, would I? Yes, I would, because I have always wanted to leave Nigeria, I have always wanted to tour around the world, and I have promised myself to know the feelings of being a student because all my years as a student in Nigeria have been just suffering. I seriously want to do my masters abroad and also explore everywhere. You should ask me if I'm going to come back. Well, if Nigeria becomes a better place, I will come and visit. I won't mind starting all over again to study what I've always wanted to study and learn more about technology and so on. People should not be leaving in this country anyhow if not that we can't achieve our dreams here, especially if you are not born with the silver spoon. Imagine none of the so-called government children schools in Nigeria; they all sent their children abroad to get a better education. If the leaders can do that, who am I?

Here is my little story about this month's prompt, and I hope you like it. Welcome to my blog and have a nice day.

Note: I used QUILLBOT grammars checker to correct my grammars after which i have written everything by myself.

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Your country seems to have it all - wonderful people, culture and food and many natural resources. However it is a pity that because of the the lack of resources you would want to leave. Let's that when you leave that things will improve thereafter and you will be able to return to your beloved country.

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I must say my country is very beautiful 😊 if not the bad government rulling us. I know one day everything will be fine.

Hey Momo I'm always happy seeing you around here hehe 😊 thanks for stopping by

Thank you. It is good to remain positive and hopeful!

Nigeria is a great country blessed with so many resources that can make her citizens live comfortably. Our food and other cultures are just unique however leaving to other developed country in search of a better personal development isn't a bad idea. I really hope that Nigeria will be great again with the right government so that her citizens will love to enjoy the natural endowment as country

If Nigeria provides better resources and equipment for their students and also job opportunities there's nothing to take abroad but then we all want to survive anyways.

Thanks for stopping by

@moremoney28 wants to leave me alone in this country.... Even with all the food and love and diversity that he talked about. Is that even fair? 😭😭

Hey darling I'm not leaving you alone 🙂 we are definitely going together, trust me

its the topic for me , pls o dont stay if you get the opportunity to move

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LoLs 😂 yes o I'm just been sincere LoLs

That's good

I once tried 'egusi soup' and it was very tasteful. Didn't have the chance to try it again ever since but I'm looking forward to that day :)

Yeah i love egusi soup and you should try vegetables too as we have series of them. Thanks for stopping by

Will do that. Thanks for the recommendation ;)

😂 more money wants to japa from Nigeria. Who will protect the nation when you leave soldier man. Better change your mind oo.

The culture and food of Nigeria is one to die for but I'm sorry bro but Ghanaian jollof is best.😁

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Is not as if I really want to leave but then I'm just looking for the best

Meanwhile please don't compare your food to ours 🤣 Ghana joloff for where

😂 tell the truth you want to run away. Ghana jollof is best. Respect yourself 😂

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