Melody development for new collab with @primaudia

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Here's a super early sneak peak and insight into the process of working on a collab.

I love doing collabs as they always mean creating something I would not and could not have come up with on my own. And @primaudia is super awesome to write with - he's a master sound designer and expert at all the technical aspects of the production too.

As to what's going on here - this is just one way I work on melodies. I also use a real keyboard to play and experiment with. I've even had some luck with singing into a microphone and using the computer to turn that into note data to then play with a soft synth. And that's without getting the modular synth involved where melody generation is a huge topic all by itself!

Let me know if you are interested to see more insights into my music production process.

Our previous collaboration, Tenacity came out last year so if you want a taste of what a mix of @tdctunes and @primaudia can create together check out:

And there was a video for the extended version too:

I've currently no idea on a timeline for releasing the track we are working on right now - I'll keep you posted of course...

Have a great day Hive!

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Screenshot (400).png


Sounds amazing! and yes! I am always a fan of people sharing their creative process ( it's what I myself do, most of the time )

P.S. You should add more green to your song timeline though, the market is read enough as it is already ;^)


Here are some of the colours you'll be hearing ;)

That's some awesome colors! I love the retro look of this. What software are you using?


This is Reason 12, it uses a similiar rack environment to TDC's modular system, everything can speak to anything with various audio and CV routing. The real fun starts when you 'flip the rack'.


my brain boggling at your soft synth setup!


Ah cool re: sharing creative process. Can't believe I wasn't following you so have just fixed that!

Point taken about the timeline colouring. Next time I will go for tons of green - watch this space!


Can't believe I wasn't following you so have just fixed that!

I can't believe that either but we can't all be such good timeline stalkers as people like me ;^)

Glad you are following me now.

Have a great day!

looking forward to those greens. I love veggies! ;^)



Thanks for the sneak peak! Nice to see how you make your tunes. Reminds me of the old soundtracker days.

Thanks for stopping by! That's only a tiny sliver of an insight - hoping to share more very soon.

Hope you're having a great day!

If only they could see how far this has come, so many surprises in store for you all! :D

It's always a pleasure working with such skilled and diversified artists. Looking forward to what comes next :)

Even I'm looking forward to the next surprise - you seem to send me a surprise musical instalment several times a day!

GREAT, it looks very interesting, I use the DAW fl studio 20 and until now I can't use another one, I got too used to it !!

Yeah - I think it's totally best to stick to the one you are used to! (this is Ableton Live btw)

Have a great day!

Oh, I was already saying that it was like ABLETON LIVE. well, I make some beats, I'm not a professional but I feel a little lonely here, almost nobody does these things and my music is not very well supported, I think it's because it's digital or I don't know , you have a new friend here, greetings bro !!

Hey don't be lonely! There's a few musicians who are pretty active on hive! Just for a started check out these folks who are all awesome:

Musicians need to support one another 😻


Yes they do, time for mobilisation of the musicians and writers!


Thank you so much for the mention!!



No problem - hope you're having a great weekend!


OH..GENIAL, muchas gracias !!

Welcome! Happy musicing and happy Hiving!

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