Introducing Amberyooper

Hello, music lovers!

This is my first post in the Musicforlife community. I thought I would start by introducing myself to the community. I'm an older former musician who still likes to play and sing occasionally. I'm 65 years old now, so I mostly play for my own pleasure these days.

I was in several classic rock bands from about 1979 to about 2001. The bands I played in were local bands that played in various local venues on the weekends. I was the bass player and one of the singers in all of the bands that I was in. I worked with the same rhythm guitar player in all of those bands, we had various lead guitar players and drummers over that 20 year period, and changed the name of the band as it evolved.

I wish I had more recordings of the band from back then, but I only have copies of the original songs that we recorded, and a video of 3 sets that we played in the winter of 1990. I've uploaded many of the songs that I sang that night to my youtube channel, and posted them to my general hive page. This is an example of the band from back then doing one of my favorite songs to sing and play from that time.

I also have a Soundcloud page where I've uploaded my 2 original songs that were recorded in the 1990s. These were recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder. The 4 track cassette recorders were popular back then for recording demo tapes. This is the link to one of those 2 songs.

I also have a number of other songs that I've recorded over the past few years uploaded to my soundcloud page. A couple of them are my own originals, and some of them are collaborations with other musicians who used to be on the blockchain, but have since left.

During the period before hive was started, when I was on steem, there were several regular contests for musicians, and I participated in one of those contests occasionally.
Because that contest no longer exists, I edited the beginning of several of my favorite entries and put them back on youtube. This is one of my more fun songs that I played. I even got permission to cover the song from the musician who wrote and performed the original version. I also have 3 of his independently produced albums.

I haven't made any new music recordings in more than a year now, but I really should get back to working on that.

I also enjoy listening to several different kinds of music. I'll leave that discussion to my next post on @musicforlife.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my first post on here!

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Hey good to see you posting again, I remember you from the old Steemit openmic days =) I was rocking as @shookriya mostly. I feel like this community could finally fill the while left by that epic openmic project. Let's hope =)

I remember your old steem name. 😀
I'm hoping that this community will be able to make some music things happen on the hive blockchain.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic. I think the timing is good and there seems to be a strong foundation here.

Heyy!! @amberyooper, its a nice to have a rockstar here ;) !! and keep rocking please!! i wish i was like this when i'm 65 too.

Welcome to musicforlife!!

Thank you! 😀