Looking for Good Authors with Low Reputations that get Bad Rewards

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Two years ago when I joined the STEEM blockchain this would hardly have been an issue. Looking through the #introducemyself area I see nothing of interest again.


  • 30 words is not going to cut it.
  • If it’s not English then forget it, I never got past my motherland language
  • You’re a delectable young pretty girl but that’s not going to get you my vote
  • Your #introducemyself post is a #reintroducemyself post and you have a rep of 70.

…’all these are not what I’m looking for’…

I can only conclude that so few are joining HIVE that there is nothing to find anymore.

If there’s nothing new in the #introducemyself area then I will have to broaden my search.

I am looking for a few more interesting people to follow.


I do like long content and in a similar vein that I write, though not necessarily about the same subjects.

If you write long content about Urban Exploration then I will bounce around the room doing woohoo’s and yiphaa’s.

It’s not going to happen is it?

…’So back to the downscaling project’…

It needs to educate, make me laugh and not be about HIVE or HIVE politics.

Do you feel you get barely anything for your hard work? Do you see $0.00 after 7 days and feel hard done by when nobody looks at your 600 word masterpiece?

Let me tell you a secret. I have had several $0.00 posts too. I have been there, I know how it feels.


...'you think you get squat these days, in March 2018 when the platform was packed with people it was really tough to get noticed'...

The above piece of work I did was 882 words, and I got nothing, not a stitch.

On STEEM we had some tools to find undervalued work but as HIVE is quite new, it’s just not happening here.

The tools I used to use to 'find the good stuff' does not work and so if feel you are sitting under the radar, a Picasso or the next JK Rowling creating fiction that is going to blow my brains away….

…’You just need to tell me that you exist, and say Pick Me, Pick Me!’…

We want to see your great content.

I promise if you comment on this post that I will visit your blog and look at what you are doing. I won’t promise that I will follow you, or give you any support.

Contrary to popular opinion some of us do lookout for the ‘little guys’. I have some spare voting power and am prepared to help you out but only if you are within the spirit of HIVE.

Good content, no plagiarism, no buying votes, no begging. I have seen it all and you won’t be able to pull the wool over my eyes.

If your one of these that's on a constant power-down and selling your rewards, then you can also forget it.


...'if graffiti skips are your thing, then great if not.. well, I'll still check out what you are doing'...

If you are already following me and are thinking, ‘that bastard never looks at my stuff’, then even better as you will see this post.

Say something, drop me a comment. I don’t have the time to check everyone’s stuff if you just vote, but if you comment you will move right up the priority list.

Enough said; I hope to find even a couple of promising authors to add to my followers list. Have a nice weekend!



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If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, resteem, engage me or all of these things.


Hello there! I'm new to Hive! My interests are coding, crypto, bass guitar and politics. I haven't started fully participating yet but I have definitely found it hard to get any sort of visibility here unless I leave meaningless comments on people's posts which I don't want to and don't have the time to do!

Since I haven't been getting noticed, i've been hunting down some bugs on the platform but followers/friends or not, I do plan to come up with some posts soon relating to my topics of interest!

I can see you have had a raft of $0.00's! I think I had 3 and few 7c posts etc... It's all about the effort here, your post are quite short and are mostly text-driven.

There are more people here interested in life stories, travel and music that coding and crypto if I would be honest with you.

@verhp11 is a bass player and music lover. Try connecting with him. I see you are following very few. It's all about reaching out, and you will have to comment if you want that audience. That's how it works. People will not come flocking to you. They don't know who you are.

I think that's good advice. Thank you for that!
I've followed @verhp11. In general though, does tagging users like this give them notifications? Is there any other messaging that I can do privately with users or is it all comments?

Hey can you make a list with more people like him?

I don't know any other bass players, do you @steevc?

Thanks for the big up in this post, it is hard to get noticed sometimes and guys such as yourself are a big help for little fishes like me. I'm not a natural writer, I have mentioned in the past i'm more at home with a power tool than a computer. I came to steemit after @scubahead mentioned it to me, mainly to have a platform to show the world some of my underwater photography, I didn't have a clue what it was all about, to be honest a couple of months on now on Hive i'm still in the dark. As each day passes I learn a bit more and one day who knows I may start to get to grips with it. This is a steep learning curve for a luddite like myself but the biggest thing iv'e taken on board is that engagement with other members of the community is key to moving forward. Through this I have received valuable advice and even the odd bit of help in the form of delegation, many thanks to @smallearth for that, he has been a massive help. Moving forward I will endeavour to increase my content although sometimes I do feel that images can speak a thousand word. Many thanks to all that have helped me so far it is totally appreciated. @biggypauls
I hope this isn't considered crass but yesterday I did a re-introduce yourself blog I think it gives a insight to me the person rather than a long list of things I like, shameless self promotion I here you shout:) yup guilty as charged. Be safe out there folks.
My re- introduction to the HIVE community.

I'm not a natural writer, I have mentioned in the past i'm more at home with a power tool than a computer.

I think you are doing pretty good.., hope you don't starve out there. I hear they are dishing out a wodge of PESOS for taxpayers to live on. I know it's not like the UK and there is no DHSS to help.

People are just going to starve in the streets as the workers can't work and so the beggers now have no audience.

I'm getting by plus have a income from the UK I can always dip into and a good fat reserve on my belly to keep me going:) The state has been supplying sacks of rice to every household but of course there will be those that fall through the cracks. We have been continuing to pay the dive centre staff and support them how we can.

good fat reserve on my belly to keep me going:

@bingbabe points to mine quite often and says 'lechon kawali'. I figure you know what I mean!

Ha Ha, indeed I do, I just tell the wife its a little extra for free.

So today I ended up listening to Killing Joke you planted a seed that grew.
Going back to yesterday I wasn't sure if you were looking for under the radar bands to review, new stuff is thin on the ground for me but 2 bands I feel don't get the audience they should are, "Mogwai", a Scottish rock band(Happy songs for happy people --- Rock action) both great albums, also "The Mars Volta" US prog rock, (De-Loused in the Comatorium) both bands are a bit out there which is probably why I like them.

I do believe I have come across Mogwai, and yes.. I know of 'De-Loused in the Comatorium' but couldn't crack it. I know its' highly rated.

Just of to bed now it's 2am, i'll throw some more in the ring tomorrow. Give me some thinking time, Mogwai definitely worth another try.

I will look at their stuff too!!

Thanks, man, I don't want this place to feel like an exclusive club that is closed shop. I think many feel it to be like this now.

...'You are in... or you are not'...

I connected to @biggypauls earlier. He's a Brit living in the Philippines. I have connections there so it has more meaning to me. Not all his content his long but he's a decent commenter and that means something to me.

It is something when yo uget a good commenter, it means there is engagement alive! I will check him out. and have a trawl through the comments tomorrow.

There is no one joining, Its a sad state of affairs and I don't see any heat about it either. sigh

@biggypaul's post about the bikes was excellent, glad he got some exposure.

I will look too.

@darkflame has been onboarding Hive users for years to Steem and now Hive. He has multiple blockchain projects in development and I would be happy to see him get more support.

His posts include

  • Cryptocurrencys
  • Weather
  • Astrology
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Limousine Industry

It's rather cool, he has another account @darkpylon for gamers that's in development.

Thanks, I will take a look.

Thanks for the shout out @timhorton !

I am always looking for content to support too. We need to find what is under-rewarded. I really do not feel the people who get $20 every time need my vote.

@tenkminnows has spare voting capacity too, so I am happy to add more people to that.

Yeah, I tend to look at the rewards already on a post before I upvote it. If it already has a lot of value, I tend to save my vote power for posts that don't have as many votes.

I hope to catch a few @steevc, I will let you know who they are.

 last year (edited)

and comments you get a lot, wow :)

Guess HIVE is just to new for many new users to find it. Number of new accounts created every day is in the 100, but I guess mostly alt-accounts. The amount of content is definitely less than at Steemit. I see that every single day when curating music (curie and s-squared). Oww, BTW, I think it is a good decision you made to start using a more generic MUSIC community. My curation is still with the music tags I like, but maybe community posts are not published with these tags anymore. Reason I'm not going through the music communities for curation is that so many communities are out there with almost no action, posts and users. I tried at the start of communities to try and get music into one or just a few communities, but all those I talked with wanted to go ahead with what they setup. Anyways, good you're joining forces.

Something good that I see happening for musicians, some of the cool ones are finding communities like GEMS and get regularly big votes there. Not a music community, but at least they get the appreciation.

and comments you get a lot, wow :)

It's not usually this crazy, I have spent all morning looking at these potentials and have picked a few out. I will recommend @steevc also adds them to @tenkminnows so they have on-going support.

..and that's really it, 'on-going support'. I follow around 230 people, any more and it gets unmanageable. I don't want to miss content and even then I can't possibly read all of them.

Oww, BTW, I think it is a good decision you made to start using a more generic MUSIC community.

Yes, I'm not one of these steadfast people who won't concede. If mine doesn't work, then join a bigger on that does.

Something good that I see happening for musicians, some of the cool ones are finding communities like GEMS and get regularly big votes there. Not a music community, but at least they get the appreciation.

It's better than bid-bots! I'm all for GEMS and what it stands for.

Your #introducemyself post is a #reintroducemyself post and you have a rep of 70.

LOL, once upon a time users got warned for doing their intro posts more than once!

"Let me tell you a secret. I have had several $ 0.00 posts too. I have been there, I know how it feels."

And it has already begun to seem to me that only I find myself in similar situations. Thanks for the piece of support!

You are not alone 😆


I remember writing that one. I was working away in a hotel room connected to their WiFi. I posted it.. and got all excited. Some people started following me... unknown to me at the time they were just bots.., not people.

The next day I saw those 3 votes amounting to $0.00. I see you're past that point and that's good. Like your artistry!

My success story is developing very slowly, but I'm still worried when I post a new post. I still can’t understand how it works here, because it happens that a post that is uninteresting for me personally, for which I spent just a couple of minutes, is gaining more votes than important thoughts that I tried to formulate for an hour)

Like your artistry!

Many thanks!

because it happens that a post that is uninteresting for me personally, for which I spent just a couple of minutes, is gaining more votes than important thoughts

I gave up long ago at what will work and what won't! Just write what you feel, the best ones are the personal stories. I write about Urbex but also about what happened as each is an adventure. People seem to like it, just find that formula.

Great idea. I too have hunted introduceyourself only to find mostly STEEM old-timers. I created a getting started tutorial series (2:4 done so far) to try to help people sign up and also get out that important post to help people supporting newbies find them.

We don't yet have a centralized way of getting a tutorial like that out to people though, and really newbie training is pretty lame right now. Not sure what to do about that. Once I finish the 4th video I'll try to connect with the PeakD and Hive.io UI designers and see if they can link to a consolidation post of all for lessons in the tutorial somewhere on their front page, so newbies find it.

Until then, this is a good attempt at finding non-newbies who are still being overlooked.

I watched part of one of them, they are very cool. Have you connected to @anomadsoul? I know he's trying to kick off his onboarding again. These would be very useful.

He might not see this so I will give drop him a DM and alert him to your work.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll reach out to him.

There is content enough to curate, but some people are very picky in my opinion! Not everyone is a natural born writer, but it’s about the message not only the package

It's all about choice of who wants to vote on what. I like stories and personal opinions, so that's what I am looking for.

Greetings. I like to write reflections on what I am experiencing, some I publish in English when I have the help of my son who translates them, but most I write in Spanish. The truth is that I am not at zero, I do have the support of some accounts. I looked at your invitation and decided to leave you a message. Thank you.

Yeah! I fall into bullet point number 4.... Almost, rep 69.999 introduce yourself posted yesterday seeing as everyone else was/is doing it 😁

Think peakd are looking into easy signup and travelfeed as well via Google / FB. I assume the hive account that's associated with such a sign up is all configured out of sight from the user but not sure. Dapps are an important onboarding mechanism for sure. Still early days in Hive though.

Oh yeah, I read your introduction post all over again :D

Haha, nice one @macchiata! Good to see you still around here too, will need to catch up and see what you've been up to recently!

not much Nicky! I am just the usual and talking about whatever interest me ;)

That's the way it should be hey! Keep doing your thing, as long as you're having fun, that's all that matters!

So far, I hav not been very tempted to do a reintroduction post for myself. Perhaps when I hit 5K HP, I'll do a reintro post and celebration post...LOL

That's a good idea to combine it with a milestone - hope you get to 5k HP soon then! I think a little "look behind the scenes"/intro posts are good to do every 3 months or so if your blog isn't such a personal one. It's all about connecting here really so let that personality shine!

I think a "look behind the scenes" post every now and then probably would not be a bad idea, I need to keep that in mind.

Yeah do it! I think it's a nice touch - hey, you could even turn it in to a challenge when you do it. I know there was something like a "10 random facts" thing going around a while ago, food for thought 😃

peakd are looking into easy signup and travelfeed as well via Google / FB

They are easier, but with peakd, you get FOUR choices of how to login. Talk about confusing to the new guy.


I had to talk someone through this about a week ago.

And now keychain is on the app/play store, there's another plugin for a browser that you don't use on any other conventional social media site where we're trying to get people from.

If the log-in can be made identical to that then that's a big step in my opinion. Having everything working under the hood is one idea. For example when you sign up with FB, you get automatic account HIVE account creation with all the relevant keys somehow integrated in but 2FA is a must for making wallet transfers and important things like that. So something like:

Logging in with FB/Google = posting key
2FA = active key
Forgot Your Password = account recovery/owner key

Not sure how the Master Key would work, maybe it's just the password emailed over on sign-up with instructions on how to keep it in a safe place?

i'm also looking for good writers, when you find more let me know.

Sure I will, thanks for the visit!

Same with me. Always on the lookout for hidden Gems. They are out there just hard to find sometimes. Btw, where do we go to see the intros of new Hivians ??

It's not so easy to find this now as the search tag features have been removed.


Judging from the comments skateboarding is not within your interests but if you feel like watching some action you can always check out our community :

Good luck in finding what you want to find ;)

Actually that urban exploration is quite up to my taste and I've done it a lot and I will no doubt be doing it again. Just...so many things to do I don't know if I will be able to get to even one such post next week but now that I randomly met the idea...

I know it's not much but I also like finding new talent. I just never followed trails but I prefer giving all my support manually.

As to onboarding lots of new people... That requires finding people who would both trust a new thing and have patience with it.

If you do any Urbex posts, please post them here. I am trying to grow this community and it's very slowly starting to kick off.

Ok. Does the showcase-Sunday type of old posts count? Those could fill in the collection. But I have a lot of stuff waiting to be edited and shown for the first time as well. And new explorations will soon happen, I hope :)

Does the showcase-Sunday type of old posts count?

Yeah, they do, I probably haven't seen them and @grindle will be interested. He's an urbex nut like me.

This is probably a dumb question but, do you look at the "introduceyourself" tag as well as the "introducemyself" tag?
I remember back in 2017 and 2018 on steem, the "introduceyourself" tag seemed to be used more than the other one...
I joined steem in May of 2017, it was a long slog to get any attention to my posts, and I still don't get as much as you might think. That may be because of the subjects that I post about. They're probably not as popular as some others might be. I keep at it anyway...

This is probably a dumb question but, do you look at the "introduceyourself" tag as well as the "introducemyself" tag?

It's a good point and I just had a quick look only to find even less in there than the 'yourself' section.

Perhaps that's not surprising with the current state of things...

Oh, thanks for the mention! 😊

Lol pleasure! Now I need a fur hat selfie as a thank you 😋

😅 I think that for such a case to the cap need to sew the red star to make it look more impressive

Lol yes please, the more stereotypical the better! 🤩🤪

Thanks, @chekohler, I will check them out.

Oh god yeah give me new people to follow!!!

Yup, I think many of us agree. Been curating and commenting a lot more than posting new content while stuck in quarantine. It's a good time to build up relationships here on Hive anyway.

I love to curate art, gardening, bonsai, cooking, and creative writing.

Think I am getting decent hive rewards for my efforts, but I'm discovering it's a smaller world of new friends reaching my content now. Sounds like I should really pop out some more posts to build up exposure.

Kind of like composting! Gotta build up that heap with fresh greens or those browns will sit idle and never become black gold. Lately, I get so busy outside in the sun working on my outdoor hobbies, and I need to blog about it more often.

but I'm discovering it's a smaller world of new friends reaching my content now.

It bothers me that the crowd of people on HIVE (and STEEM) are the same old faces. I know there are some I don't know but the place is not exactly buoyant with creativity.

Hello. Great initiative to stimulate and reward authors of genuine content. I hope you check my blog to see if I am worthy of entering your support list.

Happy day

Our existing members in silver gold stackers write about coins etc and we are hanging out actively in discord. We created three years in a row a steem silver coin but with the 15 cents now for steem or hive many are dormant. That said , if we wanna make Hive more known we should organize a boycot or alike for instance against China because they arrested protesters against the agreeements. Hive helping HK or alike.

I think stay at home policies are affecting new account holders, too. I was planning a few workshops locally, working with some community organisations, to bring new people to in, but they've had to wait until it's possible. I'm thinking about the autumn now - useless trying to start stuff over the summer, and I will be busy in the garden (working or sleeping, either way) 😁.

It's an ideal time to build the communities, because I think they will offer an easier route in than just throwing posts out into the great void. Some of the ones I'm involved in are starting to develop a good feed (it needs to be dynamic to be interesting, I think); I'm just talking to two of them, and soon to all three, about how we can incentivise engagement and participation.

Any plans for SteemCamp once this virus is exterminated? Or should I say,, HiveCamp. With all the lockdown stuff in place, I would expect HIVE to be busier than under normal circumstances.

I think we said something about the Autumn at the time. There will be another one, just not sure when yet.

Maybe the barrier is the signup?!?

Perhaps that's why there's no one here!@?

I'm trying to get out the first tutorial lesson that shows folks how to sign up, but until I finish the entire tutorial (half way done now) I'm not working that hard to promote it where newbies would see it. I'm hoping that once that's done that will help at least for folks who find the front page of Hive.io or PeakD. I'm also going to share it in online training communities as a free course once entirely done. Probably will be early May.

That's pretty awesome initiative. Would love to see how it turns out !

Great work, we need all the help we can get!

I like your videos, I hope you are tweeting them. They need to be seen in the outside world.

If I look at Pablo's stats, it's disheartening. There's a few coming through eSteem but I do miss the days when I could look at the intro posts, find something and give it a boost.

The split of chains is good in one sense but bad in another. STEEM is old and established. HIVE is new and less know about it, and I mean outside our bubble.

No one’s noticing!

Someone was saying the other day how you cld sign up through esteem (or whatever its called now) and not even know it was on hive!. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, I dunno!

A quick glance at the Steem side of the equation looks like they're not registering any more accounts than we are. I think we really need to spin our negative as a positive. Everyone complains about the lack of a quick centralized signup, but so many sites and networks launch & create a buzz by requiring a referral from a current member. We just need an easy and visible method of account creation & invite. Hiveinvite.com is great for power users but it’s systems should really be plugged right into hive.blog and PeakD.

I don't have an answer for sign-ups. I took one guy through it all months ago and it was painful. He has stuck and posts regularly now, and is used to it.. be he almost gave up several times.

Wow. 150 votes and not a single comment? Voting trail? Makes it kinda tough to move up the priority list. Lol. Hopefully, engagement here on Hive will improve as people get used to it.

I don't necessarily think of myself as underappreciated but this place (or rather Steemit beforehand) can mess with your head. Most posts go unnoticed until you've developed at least a small community of friends. Even then, how much voting power do 25 - 50 minnows really have?

At some point, it must not be about the money. I was discouraged before and have been absent for a while but truth be told, I don't write only for an earning. I do it because it feels good. There were surely other factors that led to my absence.

It is always nice to see people such as yourself who go out of their way to help the upcoming talent. We all have a lot to learn and it helps to have some encouragement along the way. Good luck with your search and I promise to write as much as I can when other priorities aren't taking the lead.

@inalittlewhile 😁

Voting trails can both be good and bad. I mostly auto vote on slobberchops because he seems real in his posts and have known him for a long time here, so it's almost like a subscription for me on YouTube where I auto vote on those I would like to support for one reason or another. :-)

Stick on and you will start creating connections!

Wow. 150 votes and not a single comment? Voting trail?

It is a voting trail. I don't ask for it, it just happens. The longer you are here the larger it gets. I can't complain, I do OK here. You left a good comment and that means something to me.

The comments will come, I generally do better than the average when it comes to the volume of comments, as I leave votes for comments. It's like the carrot and stick, but it works and gets the interaction going.

I will have a look at what you are doing.

Hehe. Looks like the comments came in and I was just early to the party. Didn't mean to cast having a voting trail in any kind of bad light. I had a small one before I went on hiatus. Thanks again for such a willingness to help and no worries if my stuff ain't your thing. I completely understand. 😎

Didn't mean to cast having a voting trail in any kind of bad light.

None taken, it's always like this. A load of auto-votes and then some people might read it. More than a few in this case!

I hope you find what you are looking for. I think with everyone staying in and not getting out as much, there probably aren't people looking to start something new. You would think it might be the opposite, but who knows... Even though it may be unwarranted, I think we are all in survival mode right now.

Sounds like you are looking for the holy grail! I'll bookmark this post and see how it works out. I wish it goes well, but I don't have much hope... Also, it would be interesting to see if the bloggers that will be featured here will get similar rewards to this post ($28 at the time of writing the comment).

EDIT: You should take a look at @harlotscurse

Sounds like you are looking for the holy grail!

If I don't look then I don't find. It's taking some time to trawl through all these. I was not expecting such feedback.

Also, it would be interesting to see if the bloggers that will be featured here will get similar rewards to this post ($28 at the time of writing the comment).

Hmm, not sure what you are saying here. I will say that the post has no paid votes, and I have not self-voted. The votes come from the community, and it's their choice to decide what it is worth.

I mean that this is like a "meta"-thing: you write a post about how important is to reward good-quality unrewarded authors; your post gets a high reward but what about the "undiscovered authors"? Maybe, due to your exposure of them, some undiscovered authors will get a high-vote in one post and then, as usual, their rewards will fall back to 0.01's. I've seen this happen a lot in the other chain as well, with very few exceptions.

In my opinion, the problem in general is that the biggest part of the reward pool goes in circle-votes between the inner-circle that always post "about HIVE or HIVE politics." I know the counter to this, the community decides what is worth, but I don't think the "community"'s criteria are objective and selfless.

@slobberchops has invested a lot of time and money into Steem/Hive. He does not beg for votes and I don't think he has any deals with people to get votes. I also get auto-votes that I have never asked for and I do not do deals either. We both support a lot of small accounts. I do not self-vote at all.

Of course people will game the system. See those who give themselves lots of big self-votes, sometimes across several accounts they control. Some of us do what we can to support small accounts.

It can be frustrating, but there are people who care about real engagement and not just their own rewards. Nothing is perfect, but we can try to make it better.

I know him from steem, and I respect all his actions there & here. I just had to write that contrary to what most people believe, just moving to a new place does not fix the problems; and slobber's post is a testament to this.

In fact, I feel like this whole HIVE thing is only superficially about freedom & decentralized politics and ethos, and happened just so some people would continue to earn from the circle-jerking, undisturbed by other newcomer high-stakers in steem-chain. This will never allow the critical mass of good-quality posters to shine, become popular and gain proper rewards. It is the same problem as steem had, but now, most of the circle has moved from there.

I know some think the same, but I know a lot of people do care about making it work for the majority. There will always be circle jerks, but we have an opportunity to act. Already people are turning against Kingscrown who milked Steem for years. There is very little vote buying going on here.

It looks like your posts do well from SBI. I know some people hate that, but I am fairly neutral on it. Some of us are lucky to have big accounts support us, but I would encourage them to vote up the little guys too.

Well, I've been on steem since 2017-08-08, and only participated in SBI for a little time; I've tried Minnowbooster for some time too. But you are right, SBI is still a kind of vote-buying and a part of me feels not-so-good about it. On the other hand, it is easy to frown upon projects like these when you have lots of Power.

With much Power, you grow faster -- even your own votes on others give you a nice amount of power! But when you are struggling with 1000 power or lower, the journey seems so long that any shortcut is needed. I know it may seem inappropriate, but who can make plans involving cents & pennies for a period of several years?

but we have an opportunity to act.

I'd like to know how we can break the circle-of-jerking between the whales? Is it something I can be part of too, or is a high voting-power needed?

I started in 2016 and earned most of my Steem/Hive. I may get to orca as I sell off my Steem.

Just talking about these things can have an impact if you reach the right people. I have been part of anti-abuse efforts for ages and we got the support of some whales to deal with people milking the platform, including some of the big ones. There are people behind each account and they can respond to persuasion. But then sometimes they just flag you. I just can't do nothing.

I'm here to give them some exposure. I was late on the STEEM bandwagon (March 2018) and so was not part of the goldrush. I had to work like hell to get myself seen, and I have.

There is no easy way to fame on HIVE (or STEEM). You get out of it what you put in. I came from the doldrums of $0.00 to this $29 post. It's not easy and most don't want to put in the effort or the work.

For the ones I follow, it won't be a one-off, it will be continued support, If some of the other big stakeholders do the same, then the low-earning writers will have a little comfort in knowing someone is helping out.

We need to multiply the @slobberchops in hive to encourage support for the creators of genuine content that we are being ignored.

Hehehe... This post has made me laugh a lot! It doesn't matter if my content interests you, I had fun reading your post so here I leave you my comment :)

I find it tedious going through and finding new people to follow! I occasionally stumble across something someone has resteemed, but thats about it. 90% of the introduceyourself is shit. Its a bit of a sad state for newer users. However there are some great people on here who contiually pump out great content (You included!).

Keep up the good work!

good to know.. I do urbann-y stuff and graffiti and stoopid shit on my Iistagram.. maybe after they let all us animals out of the covid-19 zoo I'll post some stoopid shit..

for now it's mostly bullet point lists of boring junk and actifit posts..

I'm not promising you'd like my stuff but please check it out anyway 😆