Architecture Details on the Santiago's Way- Selection # 1

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Landscapes, towns, cities, art, legend and tradition are part of that infinite universe of details, which make the Santiago's Way an unforgettable experience and above all, fruitful and enriching in every way.


In many of the towns or cities that are part of the different stages that must guide the pilgrim along the so-called Milky Way Path or Star Path, there is always a stone cruise, located in the old town and by default, more interesting to know, acting as a lighthouse, whose light irretrievably attracts the curiosity of both pilgrims and visitors.


This detail, in the case of the first ones, not only makes the pilgrim walk his steps towards the typical hostels where he will always find a refuge in which to recover from the hard days walking, but also, will provide him with pleasant experiences with which to enrich Another of the fundamental aspects of your trip: the cultural one.


And nothing better for this, than paying attention to the historical buildings that you will find in your path, in the details of whose architecture you will observe a glimpse of the character of the towns and cities that you leave behind, but whose memory will be consigned as a small treasure in his notebook.


You will see, although they may seem familiar, that each architecture defines, in synthesis, the typical characteristics of each place, always affected by the circumstances and the environment.


Needs, for example, where the overcrowding and the necessary control of the buildable spaces, made the houses develop more high than wide, accommodating different family nuclei, as happens in many northern coastal towns, integrated, mainly , by fishermen and artisans, who did not have sufficient income to take over land and build on it the typical manor houses or farmhouses.


NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.





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Exquisite photos accompanied by a symbolic review dear friend, make the way of Saint James from France by the via Saint Jean Pied de Port (Pyrenees) is among my spiritual objectives, fraternal greetings... ✌️

Yes, it is the most typical and perhaps also the most beautiful to do. After the Pyrenees, you enter a very emblematic place in Navarra: Roncesvalles. There you not only have the Silo of Charlemagne, where the remains of the Carolingian army are supposed to rest and also many pilgrims who died on the Camino, but next to it you have the church of a hospital, where since the 12th century at least, there is a curious legend: 'everyone is welcome, both Christian and pagan. From Roncesvalles to Compostela, you have a whopping 790 km. But what a variety of landscapes, towns and cities to go through. A wonderful, albeit painful and tired experience. A hug and good luck in the future to do it.

I've always wanted to go for the Santiago's pilgrimage but I've never considered this cultural aspect of it. Thank you for sharing this insightful 'guide' about the architecture one can find along the way. I like pictures very much too! They're simple and clarify well your texts

Santiago's Way, in addition to an exercise in resistance, self-confidence and above all personal improvement, is also an extraordinary adventure, where all the details have a place, as I say in my post. If you ever do, you will see that everything has its relevance: there are pleasant sections and very difficult sections; fertile land and endless fields; people very similar but at the same time different, with their own customs, their traditions; There is a spectacular Art, both Romanesque and Gothic, where the medieval stonemason masters left the mark of their mastery and also their keys. The Way has its legends and above all, it has those towns and cities, whose houses and whose old neighborhoods were forged next to it and can be 'read' like an open book. Thank you very much for your kind comment and if you ever decide: good Way, pilgrim.