The Marriage was Finally Consummated

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There is nothing that makes a man or woman happy other than being married to his or her heartthrob and these beautiful couples holding out the paper just consummated their marriage in the church.


In this Western Region where I come from, the consummation of two people usually starts from the traditional process where the groom and his family go to see the girl's family and after all is said and done, the Bride price is paid.

The bride price is expected to be paid mainly by the groom, this does not include whatever will be listed for him to buy for his soon-to-be inlaws.

The bride's price is to be paid out of his income since he is the one getting married. From then on, the date is fixed for the traditional marriage according to the southern culture which I hail from.

This marks the first step of their love and marriage consummation but it does not end there 👇


According to our religious belief, and according to HEBREWS 13:4, it says;

Marriage is to be held in honor among all [that is, regarded as something of great value], and the marriage bed undefiled [by immorality or by any sexual sin]; for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

Although the first step they took has sealed their marital vow, but according to our religious beliefs, it has to be done the church way to also consummate it and that includes dressing in the western style, wearing of the wedding gown which can be in white or off white color and the groom dressing in a suit having a best man and a chief bride maid to go and having a train of ladies and men walking behind you.


This is always a special day for all, it is always a day that many spectators usually do not want to miss for anything. As they usually do attend this day to see how beautiful the bride's wedding gown will be and how she how the train of ladies are going to be dressed.


We all know that Saturdays are meant for weddings but I just can not grasp how my church decided to do some changes on some occasions especially when it comes to weddings.

I have heard so many of my friends complained about Sunday's wedding and how boring they could be but I never expected my church to follow in the pattern. It is not like it is a bad idea but we all know when Something is stuck in our brains, it is always hard to adjust to the changes coming up.

Even though I don't plan to consummate my wedding on a Sunday but what would you do if your church authorities decide that the occasion would be taking place on a Sunday because they have a lot of occasions throughout that period?


Yeah, don't be too surprised, over here, the church picks a date that they would be available to consummate your marriage and if you don't like it like that 🤷‍♀️ you are on your own.

Just this Sunday, these couples decided to consummate their marital vows after doing it traditionally and that paper lifted is as important as brushing her tooth. Yeah, they decided to take their final marital vow in public view even though we know it is not as important as the everyday renewal of their marital vow but they finally did it.

The joy of fitting the marital knot with the woman and man you have always loved can not be comprehended as you will begin to laugh without having reasons to laugh.

I am sure the married couples on the platform can attest to how their day went. With all said and done, this beautiful man and woman consummated their marriage and are no longer Mister and Miss but now Mr and Mrs as they've been pronounced, signed, and sealed husband and wife.

Above all, I wish this couple a successful and blissful marital home and I pray that they shall fulfill their purpose even as a couple.

They shall bring forth Godly seeds and premature death isn't their portion. They shall live to declare the word and promises of God in their lives and shall have no reason to regret the vows they made to each other today.

May the Lord Almighty honor their marital vows in Jesus' name.