Flowers Fall From Grace

in OCD11 months ago

These hydrangea flowers have ascended the Mountain of Madness and cast themselves down into the Pit of Eternal Damnation. Original photography by @markangeltrueman, digital damnation by moi.

Ceci n'est pas une GIF

The first layer flayed by the howling voices of the pit reveals the serpent soul inside the flowers.


Farther down the mechanisms of the beast are laid bare.




I think they could be called hy-deranged-a in this form.

Lol...I wish I thought of this comment.

you win the internet today for me


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I really like the second image the best...Reminds me of coloured dragons all jumbled together. It is pleasing because dragons are legit. The others remind me a lot of the work of that Swiss artist H.R Giger.

Hey dude, great shots and trickery, I like the colourful ones, hope alls good, hope to see you back on here soon, miss your uunique content, stay safe :)

hey can you get in touch with me over discord ?