Photographers! | What Tripods Are You Using?

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I've been looking into tripods for a few weeks now.
What do you think about Joby's Gorillapods?
Worth buying?
I've been especially looking for a small tripod because I want it to be light and easy to carry around.

I already have a big tripod that is not so good because the camera movement is very limited.
So, now I want you to recommend both big and small tripods.
What tripods do you use?


Shutter Speed1/200 sec
Focal Length285 mm


Shutter Speed1/60 sec
Focal Length19 mm

Shot with: Nikon Coolpix P900/Nikkor 83X Wide Optical Zoom 4.3-357mm f/2.8-6.5.

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Hi Borran,

I have a Manfrotto Befree Advanced Aluminum Travel Tripod with a Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ6 Ballhead.

Because I hike a lot and I take my photography backpack also on most motorbike trips with me I can't have a big tripod, but this one is quite small and light. The Ballhead is big and heavy though, but much better than the small one that came with the tripod.
I have been using this combination, which has cost me about 290 Euros, for about 1.5 years and I'm still satisfied.

Take care and stay safe.


Thanks for your answer!
I seems like the Manfrotto Befree is a popular and good tripod. But I have to save some money, so I can't afford it right now but maybe in the future! :)....Do you have any experience of Joby's Gorillapods?

You're welcome @borran 🙂

My son has a Gorillapod which has never been used, because it's too bulky and also very heavy. But don't ask me what size it is, because they come in quite a few sizes. I wouldn't know a reason why I would use a Gorillapod for my photography and as far as I remember it was quite expensive too. So, unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about it.

Take care and have a great day 🙂


  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Sorry for my late answer!
The one I'm looking at is a JOBY GORILLAPOD 1K STAND. It's weight is only 145 g and the price is around 30 €! So, not so heavy and the price is not so bad! :)
Okay, I just realized the price was without the ballhead.

Stay safe!


Never mind ;)
This one should be fine to take it with you, of course.
I have had a look through the things of my son yesterday and found another gorillapod which looks about as small as the one you said. It has a mount for a GoPro only, so I think I'll put a small ballhead on it and give it a try when I go for a macro photography walk next time, but the weight of my camera with the macro lens is certainly over 1 kilo, so I hope it will work ;)

Have a great weekend and stay safe too.


Okay! Tell me how it went! :)

It didn't go very well - this morning I gave it a try and depending on the position the gorillapod worked, but it's not steady enough for macro shots I think.
I find it way to complicated to handle these legs of the gorillapod. Sometimes it tipped over because of the weight of the Canon EOS R and the SIGMA 105mm macro lens, so I have changed to my normal Manfrotto tripod after a short time.


All right! Maybe I should save money for the Manfrotto tripod then! :)

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I have a small joby tripod for my actioncam and smartphone, but my camera is a bit too heavy and I think anything less than the Cullmann Magnesit 525M (it's a tripod and also has a monopod) I currently have will not be sturdy enough.

The ballhead on that one could have a bit more strength though.

The monopod is a good addition to it, because there are times I can't use the tripod itself. So I can just break it apart and take the monopod part with me.

How heavy is your camera and which Joby tripod do you have? They come in different versions like 1K, 3K etc. For example, the Joby tripod 3K holds up to 3 kg cameras.

Cullmann Magnesit 525M seems like a nice tripod, very handy when you can use it as a monopod! :)

My camera itself isn't very heavy, but both the Sigma Art lenses, the 50 mm 1.4 and 12-24mm 1.4 are quite hefty, and they are the sworn enemies of the ballhead on my tripod.

I don't have the slightest clue what model my Joby is, but it's basically so lightweight the larger smartphones will make it bend. It weighs just about as much as a lens cap.

very handy when you can use it as a monopod! :)

I agree. I think that if I only had a sturdier ballhead, it'd do pretty nicely. Although a smaller travel tripod would be a nice addition to my gear.

All right! Maybe I shouldn't buy the Joby tripod then!
@johannpiber recommended this one:
Seem like a nice travel tripod!

I'd like that one too. I'd carry it attached to my backpack, while the Cullmann needs its own carrying bag.

If you want to spend a little more money you should buy the carbon version which is a bit lighter than the aluminum tripod.
I am satisfied and I like the Manfrotto BeFree as a travel tripod, but there are now more comparable small and light tripods from other manufacturers than at the time when I bought it.

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Okay! Thanks for the tips! :)


You're welcome @borran🙂

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It's very lovely and catchy!!! 😍😍😍

A cheap Chinese piece of junk whose brand name I don't even remember. But it does the job.

but how about the durability? :)

I've had it for a little over a year. I think it will hold together for at least another, if not a third. With luck, maybe five more years. Not too shabby for a piece of equipment that cost a little over a hundred euros. :)