Deer taking a dip!

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Last weekend, I had a picnic with my girlfriend at a beautiful place.
Suddenly, we saw something moving in the water.
A deer was about to take a dip, but unfortunately a boat appeared and frightened it back up from the water.
It all happened very fast, but still I managed to get a couple of pictures.


Shutter Speed1/640 sec
Focal Length170 mm


Shutter Speed1/640 sec
Focal Length170 mm

Shot with: Nikon Coolpix P900/Nikkor 83X Wide Optical Zoom 4.3-357mm f/2.8-6.5.

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Great opportunity!
You managed to get some cool shots, under the circumstances... :)

Absolutely! Thanks! :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 11 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I think you mean fortunately lol Deer are not the best swimmers and tire quite quickly. They're sprint runners, not marathon runners. And when they tire in the middle of the lake...

Hello fellow P900 user!

Okay, I've heard that they are quite good swimmers. I googled it and I found this: "deer can swim distances up to 10 miles, easily allowing them to cross most lakes and rivers."

Anyway, perhaps it's the best that they stay away from the water! :)

Hello! Are you happy with the camera?

Interesting to know! An island at our local lake is nicknamed Deer Island after some deer wandered out there one winter and were "trapped" until next winter. Probably 1/2 a kilometer to shore. I guess they weren't trapped after all and just chose to live there and take a year off from running from predators! :D

As a beginner in photography, I am extremely happy with the camera. Plenty of features for me to learn and get used to. The point-and-shoot format as well as the stellar zoom allow me up-close shots with no lens fuss!

Okay, interesting :D! Maybe it's not so bad to live on an island, as long as there is food enough to feed everyone!

Yeah, I like the camera too, especially the incredible zoom! But there is also some drawbacks with this camera. No RAW, very poor image quality in low light, focusing problems.

Lmao I live up above the arctic circle where the sun doesn't set, so there is no low-light during the summers, YAY! XD

I have heard that the sensor is rather small for such an expensive camera and therefore when the all-night winters hit I WILL be running into problems if I want to take photographs. Sure we got the moon mode, but that won't help me get beautiful shots of the milky way overhead lol

Enjoy your day out there!

Cool! I live almost above the arctic circle, so it's almost the same over here. :)

Yeah you're right, the sensor is unfortunately really small. The moon mode is great but you can't photograph the milky way with this camera!:/ I'm already thinking about buying a second camera with a bigger sensor! :)

You too!

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looks like a nice place to dip!

Yup! :)

It's amazing that you found the deer at the sea! It's very cute. You were so lucky to take photos in time.

Apart from the deer, I also like the reflection of the sunlight on the waves. Very gorgeous! Great capture! ;)

A lovely photo and I so dislike it when something comes along to disturb an expected series of shots.
Well done!

Thanks buddy! :)

My pleasure!
Enjoy your Friday!