Trippy Thursday - Music Videos

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Here are some in progress works and some finished works for this #trippythursday

The golden people of the gorge are bedazzled by a strange apparition light that is doing a scan of the area. Perhaps it is there to harvest gold and the people better start running to the hills. Or maybe it is the thing that put the gold people there in the first place via some genetic engineering on the native species of the planet.

1000 years later the gold people evolved into light beings, soon they will be seeding planet of their own turning their inhabitants into golden creatures that will eventually evolve into light beings of their own.

Meanwhile on Earth, a trendy coffee shop decided to build too close to the edge. The trust fund brat is still waiting for it to open so she can complain about the service and getting her feet wet via an instamagram post.

Now for some finished original music videos of these types of trippy Thursday design experiments.

A dancing alien with some strange bass music.

A race car driver buys a lemon with an 80s synthwave track.

A trancy ufo flies through the universe, is it friend or foe?

A complicated incantation summons eye entities out of the void.

A poppy electronica song shows people rising and falling in a green world all for alien entertainment.

A head nods in disagreement with all sorts of material emotions running through it, while an impartial observer notices everything.

Inexperienced hipsters trifle with a seance ritual and accidentally trap themselves in a time loop with a giant.

A reptoid alien transplants thoughts an ideas into a subject for mind control.

A fancy power glove has been unlocked in a game that will give god-like powers to the player.

Spheres are being illuminated by celestial bodies while changing properties.

Those are a few of the finished music videos. I have around four in the works right now, more soon. Thanks for looking :-)


What a "Trippy Post" @sketch.and.jam ha ha ha.
Those green men, several of them at least, look to have been playing "pocket pool" and now sporting wood ha ha 👹


Lol the cell phone bulge.

Amazing 😍

Thanks for looking :-)

SJ trippy greatest hits. What a long strange trip its been ...

I gotta somehow finish producing 4 unfinished songs/videos before the baby wakes up in the morning lol.