Two sweet birds on old pages of book (oil on paper)

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Hello hivers, an happy Tuesday to you all!

After some cold days while we can feel the snow in the air, today the Sun is shining on the sky and since this morning I can see a lot of birds fying from branch to branch around the plum tree in my backyard. ^_^

As usual I woke up soon in the morning and I drank the first cup of coffee of my day in front of the window. I watched some birds (and also the cat of my neighbor was watching them from the top to the garden wall ^_^ ) and I decided to start my day painting a couple of little (fat) birds.


As you can see, I painted a blue bird and a red bird on 2 old pages of book. I have some detroyed books in a corner of my lab to use them to create paper sculpture and, some times, I use those pages as a surface for my painting.
These 2 ones are oil painting on around 100/ 150 gsm pages in a small size and, like I use to do, I took some pics while I was painted one of them so you can see the (simple and fast) process too:




The final result of the red one:


I hope you like them! I had so much fun to paint these small birds, it was fast too and a nice way to give a new life to some old pages of boos, so I think I'll paint some other similar birds in the next days, so stay tuned! ^_^
See ya soon and stay safe,

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Bellissimi!!! Trovo l'idea di utilizzare delle vecchie pagine vissute un tocco di stile fantastico, sono delle vere opere d'arte, li metterei insieme in un quadro e li terrei in salotto, sono troppo belli e mi piace tanto l'idea. Ti auguro una splendida giornata Sivia ;).

Ti ringrazio tantissimo! Ho un accumulo di vecchi libri distrutti in laboratorio perché sia io che mio marito li usiamo come materiali per i nostri pezzi artistici, ma in effetti ci siamo fatti un po' prendere la mano e ne abbiamo accumulati un po' troppi :D

Ahahah mi immagino un montagna di antichi libri... Allora vi auguro un buon lavoro, per riempiere tutte quelle pagine di splendide opere come queste ;).

What a great and unusual idea! And the birds themselves are very cuuuuute😍

Thanks so much, dear @torem-di-torem ! A warm warm hugs to you and to your sweet furbabies (PS: my thoughts are always with you) ❤️

Glu uccellini, rosso e azzurro, dipinti sulla pagina di un libro sono un lavoro straordinario; le delicate sfumature di rosso le ho trovate veramente belle... Saluti by @kork75

Ti ringrazio tantissimo, @kork75

I love paintings on old book pages @sliviabeneforti and your style suits it so well. You might have inspired me to do a few, I've not done it in years, but so lovely.

Thanks so much, dear Donna ❤️❤️❤️

Muy bonito @silviabeneforti , muy creativa tu pintura. Tienes un estilo bien peculiar y muy llamativo.

Muchas gracias, @denisda ^_^


Muy bonito @silviabeneforti , muy creativa tu pintura. Tienes un estilo bien peculiar y muy llamativo.