The Wise Old Man (oil on paper)

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An happy Friday to you all! I'm in a pause from the work, the Sun is shining on the sky and my furry friend Richy is sleeping on the sofa. Everything looks so brilliant today and my mind is full of new ideas for some artworks, what's better? ^_^
I did my best to stay up during the past days, I read a couple of beautiful books, I finished a new knitted scarf for my hubby and I started a new one for me, I walked along the streets of my city searching inspirations from everything around me and all those activities helped to make me feel good enough to work on my art.

Today I'm here to share with you the small painting I just finished:


The subject is an old man with white hair and white long beard. A wise old man. ^_^
It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A5 size and, like I love to do, I took some pics step by step:





I hope you like it!
Now I really need to drink a cup of coffee before to come back to work.

See ya soon and stay safe,

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I enjoyed. You have a definite style that is purely Silvia.

Thanks so much, dear Troy! Your words make me happy.

I love your style.

That looks absolutely amazing !! Well done! You have a fantastic gallery!
Love the brushwork! Weldone my dear friend @silviabeneforti.
God bless you long.