Some new drawings for a collective artist project I started months ago

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An happy Friday to you all! Today here no fog, no rain, just a bit of Sun that is shining on the sky and this is good. ^_^
After a long (very long) pause, I restart to work on the drawings I have to made for a collective artist project about some small books. I shared with you the first drawings in a content I wrote on August (you can read about it here), but when the health of my dad started to be no good I stopped almost everything I was making.
Yesterday I decided it was time to continue that project and so I can share with you some other new (simple) drawings I made:




I used just a black pen and few pensils to represent my own characters on the blank page of the little books. I'd liked to use my oil colors to paint my characters there, but the paper of the pages was not good enough to use oil colors. I made 5 drawings for every books (they were 11 books in total) and I almost finished all the drawings. ^_^
See ya soon and stay safe,

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Fantastically beautiful! very pretty indeed! ❤️
Lovely artwork my dear sweet friend @silviabeneforti.
God bless you dear.

Your art may be minimal, but it speaks for itself.

Thanks so much for your nice words ^_^

Que lindo quedo tu dibujo

Muchas gracias ^_^

cute arts. A whole story with illustrations =)

Thanks!!! ^_^

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Lovely art work