Mari (oil painting on paper)

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An happy Monday to you all!
As I wrote in some of my previous contents, I started to read a book about the mythology of the ancient Basques. The ancient myths are always intrigued for me, not just because I studied them (especially the Greek and Roman Myths) at school since I was a child, but also because many artists found inspiration from them.
I decided to read more about the Basque Myths because years ago (about 15 years ago ^_^) I visited Mondragon, Bilbao and San Sebastien and I was so intrigued by those beautiful places and I have nice memories of them. During the latest months I watched the movies about the books of the Baztán Trilogy (witten by Dolores Redondo) and I liked them so much, so I searched a book about the Basque myths in italian language (my mother language) and after some days I found it!

Today I want to show you my own representation of Mari, the female goddess. In the book I bought I read that sometimes Mari is represented by an elegant woman with a golden palace in her hands and so I painted this one:


It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and I also took some photos during the process of this artwork:




I hope you like her!

The book I'm reading is "Ama Lur - Miti, leggende e curiosità dei Paesi Baschi" written by Joseba Andoni de la Fuente and Maria Claudia Origlia. I'd like to have also a book written by J. M. de Barandiaràn (in Spanish),but it's not simple to find it here, maybe in the future ^_^

See ya soon and stay safe,

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Awesome, she looks cute😊💕

Thanks so much for your nice words, Edgarsart ^_^

Grazie mille for sharing another awesome painting! There's so many of the Basques mythology and tradition that I've not ever heard about before. It's great to be learning something new, and no less through a beautiful illustration like this ❤️