Climbing on the hill (oil on paper)

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Hello hivers, an happy Wednesday to you all! As I wrote many time, here we are living very toasty days and my city looks desert after the lunch cause the temperatures are so high. The bookstore where I work with my hubby and my friend Elena is open just in the morning, when the air is not so hot and people walk along the streets in a normal way.
I have all the afternoon to work on my artwork and fortunately my lab is cool enough to work with brushes and colors in a easy way. ^_^
To be honest, I miss to walk around my home or to stay in my backyard to enjoy a pause from work, but we can do it just during the night, when the Sun goes down.

Today I'm here to show one of my latest artwork. As you kow, I started to paint different tiny scenes on the hair of my character and the new one is titled "Climbing on the hill". In the following pics you can see the final result:


A detail:


As you can see, the subject one of my character in profile with some tiny figures (and a tiny camping tent istead of my usual white house) on her blond hair.
It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A5 size and I took some pics during te process to share with you:




Like I use to do, I'll add this new artwork to my Artfinder shop (link at the bottom)!

I hope you like it and stay tuned to see oter (diferent) scenes on the hair of my characters. ^_^
See ya soon and stay safe,

***If you like my artworks, you can find them on my online shops on
Artfinder ( and on Etsy ( I invite you to visit my NFT gallery on NFT Showroom ( ^_^ ****


Hi Silvia. I am glad to find you again. Your drawings are wonderful as always.
I am currently traveling and want to come to Italy. What city are you in? Maybe you can tell me a cozy place, where the price of housing will not be too expensive?

I'm in Pistoia, a little city (a not expensive city ^_^ ) not so far from Florence. Sure, if you will come here, I can help you to find a not expensive accomodation!

Oh, I will be grateful if you tell me the cost of a one-bedroom apartment for one month.

Thank you)
Can I communicate with you in Telegram or other channels?

Sure! If you use we can also use the chat there ^_^

In Telegram no ?

I just installed it on my phone (I've never used telegram before :D ). Can you say me how can contact you there? I think I have to give you my phone number, but I prefer no write my number here in a public comment ;)

Hehe, my day on hive seeing your creativity and art becomes so Good - I'm enjoying listening to your new story everyday and as always the amazing new art!

This oil painting looks really dope!
Have fun!

Thanks so much ^_^

Yay! 🤗
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I have always liked your work, you have a very well defined style, beautiful

Thanks!!! ^_^

Hey ! I love the concept behind your sketch , the little details potrays a story to every person , i work with the same thought , even i had something like a story in mind , ill request you to watch it on my post

I love the feeling of delicacy that your works produce . great art work. ✨

a very original illustration style ✌️

I love love love your post and was particularly drawn by the tiny figures, it is entirely unique and gives me the reason to explore my painting talent ☺️
Thanks for sharing 🙏

So good. Great composition behind a beautiful art.