Blue and red (oil on paper)

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An happy Saturday to you all!

I hope your weekend will be a nice weekend. Here the sun is sining on the sky and it's an hot day. The rain seems so far away from us, even if Nature needs water, but we can just wait some raindrops from the sky hoping to have good fruits and veggies in the next months.
I'm having busy days on my art and this is (very) good, so I use to work on my paintings before and after my work in the bookstore. This morning, as usual, I woke up soon and I finish a new piece and now I can show you the final result:



As you can see in the pics, I used blue and red as the main colors for this painting. The subject is one of my usual character with just simple lines on the face, cause my focus was on how the blue and the red can work together. Maybe you noticed the form of the character is similar to a mushroom and it is what I wanted to represent. ^_^
It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and I also took some pics during the process to share with you:




Like I use to do, I'll add this new artwork to my Artfinder shop (link at the bottom) as soon as possible!

I hope you like it!
See ya soon and stay safe,

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That has a Japanese feel to my eyes.

It's warming up here, but probably warmer for you. My parents are in Abruzzo and enjoying the heat.

Watching her now, I also think about Japanese feel. This feeling gave me an idea for a new piece. ^_^ Abruzzo is a beautiful region not so far from Tuscany, I hope your parents enjoy that beautiful landscapes and cities. ❤️

Yes, it does!
I love Silvia work! Such recognizable art from this artist! She is great 💖

Thanks, dear @yakubenko ❤️

I love your concept !! Looks amazing

Thanks so much, @artsbreezy01 ^_^

You’re always welcome @silviabeneforti

Nicely done. It does have a Japanese feel but I see a bowed or turned head. Enjoyed.

Thanks, dear TRoy! Warm hugs from Italy ^_^

Very beautiful picture! 💖👩‍🎨
Unusual, original!