Drawing of a Kingfisher.

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This is my own drawing and painting but not my own idea and I borrowed the idea from here and I'm not getting the credit for the theme.

The reference picture shows only a kingfisher sitting on a pole but I have done some changes on it. I added a tree near the pole and I made the pole looks like a broken part of the tree and I added an insect on the mouth of the kingfisher.


I drew the entire sketch at first with a pencil.


Then I started coloring it with my water color. At first I colored the head of the bird and then I colored the full body of the bird and I also colored the pole where the bird was sitting.


Then I colored the leaves and I colored the full background and after I finished coloring everything, I drew black border on all over the drawing and I then I gave finishing touch on the painting.


After the finishing touch, it gave the final look.

That's it.

I'm still learning and trying to do better with my drawing.
So please don't think otherwise and keep supporting me.

I want to say goodbye now.

I'm hoping that this post will get some nice view and I'll be trying to do better next time.

Stay safe & stay home for corona epidemic.



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Good to come by this. Kudos.

Nice drawing.