Colored pencil and pastel drawing of a man!!! 😮😲

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Sometimes I surprise myself with what I’m able to achieve when I put all I have into a drawing. When there’s no disturbance and all the artistic juices are flowing through my veins.

Today I’m sharing this birthday portrait of a man I made recently, he was turning 60 and his family decided to surprise him with this beautiful gift.

I made this with Prismacolor pencils and pastels on grey straw board paper.

Here’s a few progress shots…


As I often do, I started sharing by defining values with charcoal before going in with colors…


Pastel chalks to establish tones before refining with pencils…




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Maravilloso. 👍😊


This is really impressive. Nice work. You are a good artist

Thank you very much friend 🙏🏾☺️

This is amazing work! The way you use your pastels gives so much texture to the skin and clothing, and with your hyper-realism style, I would have sworn this was a photo. Excellent art. !PIZZA

Thank you! I can tell you’re an artist yourself because you understand these things. I’ll go check you out too.


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