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Here are 6 more sketches of my series dedicated to the trilogy of Gormenghast, the novels by english writer (and illustrator) Mervyn Peake. I'm ready to start the proper artworks for this series, now. Maybe.

![WhatsApp Image 2021-11-19 at 22.27.52a.jpeg](https://images.hive.blog/DQmeWxXrPhWBf8kWyb7YvPELmHjjHgvPECQZHav9VfCyWTE/WhatsApp%20Image%202021-11-19%20at%2022.27.52a.jpeg)


Great concepts man...👏👏👏💟

This looks so cool and interesting. I love them.


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What interesting ideas!

Amazing.. I love your style.

What type of paper to you work on???

These seem a natural for your style as you like combining people and buildings. The sight of all those stairs make my legs feel tired though.


Yes, in fact "Gormenghast" is for me a story of places and buildings, more than about freakish characters. I read those novels like watching a natural-artificial landscape.

I like these, the second one in particular

@tipu curate

They are beautiful and make me want to read the novels.


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