A new sketch and study "Lady Lupin in the garden"

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Lady Lupin often found herself a bit put out when her rabbit form came to her when she was in her wellies

In my series of sketches I've been doing that started with Clement Hare I've been having fun with characters who may be 'human' part of the time, but often find themselves in animal form.

Sketch of Lady Lupine in her Wellies

I've been loving the general idea of these characters , but wasn't quite sure of their story. With this sketch I've toyed with the idea that when they do transform to their animal counterpart, it might not be planned, as here we see Poor Lady Lupine rather stuck in her wellies, with her pearls weighing her down.

The sketch with just a wash of watercolor before adding a few more layers

I've been thinking of these characters enough that I think it'd be fun to at the very least collect up the pieces when I'm done and make a little picture book.


Though I'm still loving them as stand alone pieces. I may take our Lady here and do her in oils, as I did with our dear PUG friend in yesterday's post.

Whatever I choose I do know I'm having fun with it and that was one of my main goals for 2023.

I hope you are finding the year good thus far and that you get a moment in your day to indulge in your own passions.

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nice painting, love the pastel colors you use.🤩

Thank you, maybe I'm thinking of Easter already haha with Spring on my mind.

And that’s so important, having fun 🤩
Great artwork Donna 😊 beautiful.
Have a lovely day today 👋🏻☀️🌺

I think so and I'm trying to make it my mantra for 2023 :) I hope you are well today.

That’s a good mantra to stick with this year 🥰
I am, thank you. We got our first visitors today, my mother in law and her husband. They will stay a few week. So it’s fun. Still unpacking boxes though and settling in hehehe 🤭 but all good.
Hope you are well too.

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Looks really cool and joyful, the colors are also very vibrant. Great job