A new Sketch and Painting added to my Electric Cat Piece

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Gertrude had that devilish grin that said she wasn't quite upset that her budgie had got out of it's cage and was innocently preening in front of her new Electric Cat.

I've sketched and painted in the accompanying girl to go with my "Electric Cat" piece, which I posted about the other day.

Here they are together:


In My "Alternate Tech" series, I've imagined a parallel world where tech was advanced and readily available in much earlier centuries.

The sketch and outline for our Little Gertrude.

I'm still having such fun with this series and imagining this world.

The outline of the pair stored and saved for my coloring book project.

And I can attest to the fun in coloring in these images, as I love to use layers and play about filling them in with crayon, pen, ink etc.

A few layers of Gertrude being built up in a GIF

I'm enjoying the illustrative style this affords me, as I've never been happy working in one vein. My Landscapes, for example are much more painterly and bold blocks of flat color, whilst my animal series will often have brighter glowing colors, with these I'm happy with muted antiqued watercolor illustrations.


I hope you enjoyed today's piece and the added little girl to my Electric Cat painting. I think they make a great pair.

I hope you find a moment in your day to indulge in your own passions and remember to stay creative!

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Poor budgie, awful child XD

The old/muted/faded watercolour look has really worked well for this set :)

LOL, yes kids can be cruel eh ? Yes, Im loving the muted tones, it's a great contrast to my palette I work with on my animal pieces and my seascapes as well.

I love your artwork! I wish I could sketch the way you do. Beautiful work as always 🥰

Your arts are amazing as always❤👍 totally love your art so much i leaned from these thank you

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@tipu curate 🐾

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