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Clatter Charles looked with concern at his Mistress who was presently climbing high up the bookcases in the Schoolroom.

We're back to the Victorian Alternate timeline today. Our little childhood companion bot is worried over the trouble his mistress keeps getting into.

As mentioned before in the series I've imagined a parallel timeline to our own where in Tech was established centuries before our own. And the Victorian children have companion bots to aid their nurses, nannies and governess'.

Clatter Charles in his sketch Outline form

I often think if tech was set out earlier in our own timeline how vastly different our world would be. I'm rather happy mobile phones were not a thing when I was a child, nor tablets. Tho I'm not a Boomer technically, I know it is rather "boomer to say" that "When I was a child we played outdoors with very little parental supervision" but it is true.

However, it's odd that today, parents often worry about what's out in the big bad world, but have no problem letting the kids slip into the digital world where far more scary things abound...but I digress...I'd never give advice to raising children as my own experience in that is nil.


Back to my alternate world made up, it's a fun place to travel to and I'm still really enjoying my journeys there. It is a fun escape and reminds me, as well, that when a child I often used my pencil and pad as a world into which I could disappear on a rainy day, not as enticing as a tablet screen, but for my own sins I'm rather happy it was my own.


I hope you enjoyed my little bot today and my continuing series. I also hope you find a moment in your day to indulge in your own passions and remember to stay creative.

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Cute one ☺️

Some of those ages may not have happened at all if we'd developed that type of technology that much earlier. Unless it was steampunk tech and Victorian Steampunk was actually real because that would have been epic.