Gardens By The Bay

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The Gardens by the Bay sits on 101 hectares of reclaimed land in the Central region of Singapore. It is without a doubt, the number one tourist attraction in Singapore. There are many attractions in the garden. You would need a whole day to visit them all.

The aim of the garden is to be a “showcase of horticulture and garden artistry that will bring the world of plants to Singapore and present Singapore to the world.”

Because it is such a big place, work in the gardens is ongoing. And to attract returning visitors, there is always something new on the go.

One has to visit the Gardens by the Bay to appreciate the amount of work that had gone into the planning, the attractions, and the maintenance of the place. Words are not adequate enough to describe the garden, and one post is not enough to sum up what the garden has to offer. I will post regularly on my visits to the garden, and introduce the number one tourist attraction in Singapore here. If you are interested to see what the Garden has to offer, or maybe you like gardens, plants and flowers – be sure to follow me on here.

Today’s post is on the garden’s surrounding – some of the attractions, and plants found in the gardens.

They are called ‘super trees’. There are 18 of them in the Gardens by the Bay. The base, and ‘trunk’ of the tree are covered in plants, making each tree a vertical garden itself.

Bromeliads at the base of the super trees.

A tram taking visitors around the gardens for a small fee. For some, the ride is included in the tickets to attractions.

The hall outside the Floral Fantasy attraction.

I like the idea of the creepers creating a screen.

Beautiful Thunbergia erecta flower. It is a herbaceous perennial climbing plant.

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as globe amaranth. What I thought was the flower are actually bracts. Within the flower head, the flowers are small and inconspicuous.

Bamboo garden

Palm tree

Kapok trees in bloom

I am not sure what these are meant to be. They look like benches. I think the images depict a warning of global warming.

Bronze cast sculpture of a ‘Charging Bull’, by sculptor Anna Chiara Spellini, donated by the Bank of America.

Another bronze cast sculpture of a bull. This one is by sculptor Walter Matia called ‘Magnificent Bull’ - also donated by the Bank of America.

A view of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel from the gardens

More information on the garden HERE




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