7/16 in Mythic on WR, First Diamond Card Fused, New Leggies, Plans for the next WR

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No Leggy This Time

I stopped playing after making 7/16. What I could reach with 2 potential wins wasn't worth risking losing Mythic and paying for that with hours of grinding.

Probably, I was less motivated this time since my last legendary rewards weren't that inspiring:

Alika the Scarlet Fool, Nythos Mage-Dishwasher, and just a useless canine card without a cool nickname. 🤡

My deck:

Almost the same as the deck that won me 2 MJ and 1 Core leggy packs (these are my post about previous WR: [1], [2]).

What's happened this time: less Aggro Light and Nature players on my way, and those ones I encountered were more prepared. One of them, after he lost a game, quickly replaced his Aggro Light deck with a control one in hope to play against me again. And we played the second game and I lost - Control Light is the worst matchup for my deck.

The most delightful win of this WR: against super shiny Anubian deck with diamond Vile Reavers and shadow Neferu. Finished the game with stolen Neferu and Heroic Brawler

DomainI wonI lost

A draw, a draw, a draw... and losing by a shutout to Deception, twice to the same Ludia's henchman.

Can't say this is a crushing defeat, can't say my deck was helpless... But there is nothing to be happy about as well. Except, on the next WR, I am in Mythic again.

Another Legendary MJ Bought

I sold this and that to buy another legendary Deception card - Galatea, Unyielding Friend. I was motivated by recently buffed Unlikely Pact. Unlike Unlikely Pact 🤡, I was buying Galatea late so I paid 2.5x price.


And only after I paid 0.0052 ETH, I realized that I don't want to play it 😐 since without other Casino cards buffed and played, Galatea is less useful than my favorite Heroic Brawler:

Because Heroic Brawler buffs anything any time, even itself when no friendly creatures on the board.

Playing Heroic Brawlers and Galatea together?.. 🤔

What makes me less unhappy about this fomo buy is the fact I collect Deception cards so I needed Galatea anyway.

I Did It at Last

I have fused tons of cards into one solid piece of diamond shi happiness. The card might be playble against War in Mythic - this hope had inspired me to spend some $GODS in the forge. Once, we have daily rewards, I will have it my hypothetical farming deck.

This is my first diamond card and look at this:

It is shown as a featured card on my collections page on godsunchained.com. Not sure what it means but it is shown. 🤡

A Cult of This Dubious Card?

I have collected almost all needed cards for fusing another diamond Sneak a Peek! 13 meteorites would finish the set (I am waiting for cheaper offers).

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 13-44-26 Sneak a Peek GUDecks.jpg

At least, this doesn't require much money. For ETH I raised by selling 1 meteorite Radiant Embalmer, I bought 3 shadow Sneak a Peek, for example. The price of fusing is more substantial considering the future price of $GODS but ok ... you only live once. 🤡

Or should I wait until the price up and sell these meteorites and shadows on IMX market?

The Next WR, Thinking Out Loud

I am not playing but planning only. I will make changes depending on the appearance of the Meta. This is where I am now:

The deck reflects my fear about rising numbers of War players with superbuffed relics and my feeling insecure about Control Deception.

  • Extra frontlines (Inconspicuous Carriages) against buffed relics;
  • Sneak a Peek to ruin War blitz creatures (Orcish Elite, Wolf-culf Vanguard) while they are in the hand:

  • 2 Cutthroat Insights to have extra chances to beat Control Deception as well as War and other control archetypes;
  • Sneaky Bruisers instead of Heroic Brawlers if there are even less aggro Light and Nature decks.
  • If many Control Deception, Ironclad Minotaur can be added. 🤔

Probably, I am too quick to react to the Relic War, it might dominate later... Let's see.


I like the thought process on the deck iteration. Some frontliners if relic war is dominant seems like an OK choice, but remember that even if relic war is 30% of the meta, you are more likely to not face it.

FWIW, it still feels to me like you have too many control cards for an aggro deck topping out at 5 mana. 2 stoneskins (which also help with enemy frontliners) and 2x rapture may be enough. If you are aggro, be aggro. Cutthroat for instance, is definitely for control decks (maybe midrange). Sneak a Peek: same idea.

As aggro, you want to be setting the pace by putting threats on board. If you pull a bunch of reactive cards against a control deck, you're most likely going to lose. You don't have any top end.

Just my $.02

Persuaded. As a result, I didn't play this Aggro-Control Deception deck but I changed my lucky deck anyway and made only 7/18. Now I am back to my lucky deck (standard Aggro Deception with strength-stealers + my addition: 2 Heroic Brawlers + 2 Mugging). It works well, and this is good news since I need to grind this time to climb back to Mythic. I even don't mind.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

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