Exploring and Skating a new street spot with fTR_Crew

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Yo, what's happening my friends?


You all now how much I love street skating but there is one thing I love more. Skating a new street spot.

Fellow #Skatehive community member @Dikayskate sent me some photos of a new spot he discovered and it looked so dope.
The next day me and #fTR_Crew drove to "Eleousa" city to check it out and of course skate it!


Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Much love and SKATEFORHIVE

Music : @Stickchumpion - I Envy The Idiots
Skaters : @nakamapaul , @dikayskate , @knowhow92 , Kaspre

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Bro your ollies upper from rail had a fucking style!
My favorite trick in this video is Bs 50 grind Bs 180 out
and with your body style in 3:20 it's so funny.
Nice bro!

Thank you for your kidn words bro and of course thank you for the filming! Great angle ;)
When I buy my new goppro I am gonna give you my old camera! Or even better when you land a flip down 5 stairs I am gonna give you my old camera ;)


I like your challenges bro!

Go get it brother.


Thanks bro! I love doing Ollie over things!
Ollie is the most basic and one of my favorite tricks! Sounds weird but it is! Hahaha

Watched the video that was really awesome perfect place for skating :)

Hell yeah it was! 😁
Big ups to @dikayskate for discovering this spot!
Glad I was able to entertain you @blazing!
More to come.

will be looking forward to see more its exciting :)

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