A Series of Freewrite Haiku

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bananafish -
where have you gone

will you be back?
my thesaurus lies unused
my pages blank

my words came to rest
on a prison cot
starved and lonely

now I know
what having community
does for inspiration

we climb up
the bandwidths
of each other

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My most favorite contest of all time on Hive (and that other chain) remains Mizu No Oto, hosted by the Bananafish community under the direction of @marcoriccardi. This contest suddenly stopped some months ago.

For the contest, we were given a photograph as a prompt for a haiku. Perhaps my favorite entry to this contest was for the photograph above:

frost dusted buds
soften at the cockcrow
spirit quickens


Thank you for reading my lament.


image is by @calluna



Hello @owasco, this is Marco!
The Bananafish community is always here to act as a container for all the artistic, literary, photographic and creative posts of its members. Posts published there will always receive curation, as has been the case so far.

Bananafish is a beautiful creature that, unfortunately, had to give way to the life of its creators.
@f3nix is ​​totally into his work and his family, and after 60 editions of Mizu No Oto, I feel like I have nothing to add on the topic of haiku. I have a lot to study, indeed, because my dabbling in this art cannot keep up with its profound knowledge, and I no longer feel capable of judging other people's compositions. It had become a forced thing for me lately, but I couldn't reward all the participants.
Add to this that I'm working on a role-playing publishing project that is consuming me to the last drop of energy in my spare time... I may be back to post something in the next few months, but I'd also like to go back to using the my mother tongue, Italian. I'm very undecided on this.

Heartfelt thanks, however, for this bittersweet lament. I often think of all of you. Have a nice life!

Marco! All good things then. Lovely. Thanks for letting me know.

You've made me want to return to an old (brief) love of mine, Italian. I once had a part in a play in which I spoke only Italian. I spent two months learning as much Italian and developing a good accent as I could, just to audition for the part. Then I continued to learn until the curtain fell. I loved it. Very expressive language. Yummy for haiku I should think.

Good luck with your endeavors, and I look forward to your return.

I often thought of you and this lovely times before the years of crisis. So sad, that the lightness of many things have disappeared. I am glad to hear that you are busy and I totally can understand that this time consuming part of yours had to come to an end. Except, you would have been able to integrate it into your economy. But then, things often change, not for the better.

Hope, you receive this comment of mine. I wish you all the best and will keep the memories with you and the bananafishes tight.

Yours E.

I love this!! And yes, where, oh where, are you @bananafish?

LOVE this:

my words came to rest
on a prison cot
starved and lonely

and community, and inspiration, and this:

we climb up
the bandwidths
of each other

Thank you for the haikus, busy as you are, and the freewrites. You are a great role model and inspiration!

All the main people in @bananafish seem to have left. None of them are posting at all, and one account is closed. I wonder what happened? Bummer. I guess I'll take my delegation back. I don't want to.

Over there, where the last houses give way to tall grass, there is a lone cherry tree. Lingering petals and diligent insects have hidden the rough stone beneath which the Bananafish lies, carrying with itself stories, dreams, laughter and other strange alchemical concoctions. Even the children no longer play under the old cherry tree, whose rotting caresses imprint the rhythm of forgotten songs on the stone, in an eternal, ephemeral sob.

The "rotting caresses" of the lone cherry tree....???
Imprinting the stone with forgotten songs... an eternal, ephemeral sob.....
Where is the rising Phoenix?
#bananafish must live on!!!!

Hi @owasco, I'd like to invite you to submit in Blockchain Poets. We are a small poetry community, trying to grow larger. At the moment we are rewarding (randomly) one poet per week. Right now we are just encouraging all poetry, but if we can grow larger I am thinking of starting up my haiku contest again, which I used to hold on Steemit long before the Mizu no Oto contests started.

Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention! Will do. I would love to see a new haiku initiative. Haiku seem so simple, but the simplest things are the hardest things to understand, and I find haiku quite a challenge to write.

Totally agreed. I have been translating haiku and writing about haiku for over ten years, studying them even longer, and the small verses still find ways of surprising me. They are ever challenging but so wonderful.