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Hello my friends, it is a pleasure to be here again today I share my experience in this wonderful Community, our friend @galenkp offers us several proposals, this time I chose "One piece ". Below I share with you my reflection.


Clothes have always been a challenge for me, since when I go shopping I always can't find my size, at least of what I like or crave.

For example, in footwear I am a size 38, 39, 40 hehehe it seems that my feet grow one day and the other day it shrinks. It may be that depending on the model the size varies, but well I like to wear tennis shoes, since my walks are cooler, and comfortable, so I often buy this style of shoes.


One of my favorites are the converese that modern and casual style that imposed fashion since they came out, they are very nice I have had White, Blue, black and the newest are these Red, as it is one of my favorite colors.

They usually go with my style of dress, be it jeans, leggis and shores, casual dresses, and they are also very jobiales. The other time I saw some Converese boots and I'm planning to buy them soon.


One day I was walking through my city, I was immersed in my thoughts, because I always walk distracted, the day was sunny and windy, I was on my way to work, when suddenly I heard some screams, because they had stolen a store and the police ran after them, people were excited and I heard some shots I also decided to run to take shelter in a house until everything happened.

That day I had put on heels and I took them off to put on my tennis shoes, I chose very well, because I could run easily to take shelter, maybe it was a premonition heh heh heh, that's why I love these shoes, they are comfortable, practical and beautiful.



This is my participation this weekend in the initiative of my friend @galenkp inviting my friends @crisch23 @yelimarin Here .


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That's a bit necessary to know. I tried to get a pair of shoes also but it was not as easy as I thought it would be

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Hi @wendyth16 , interesting that in footwear you are 3 different sizes waoo, of course it can be the model as you say.
They look cool those converse, good that you feel good wearing that kind of shoes.


Very nice these shoes, I've really seen them on many people, although I don't like the model in the front, I once had one that I got as a gift and they were very comfortable.

Also, I see that they match very well with the Hive cap.

To go running, nothing better than a pair of sneakers my friend @wendyth16

Hi My friend! I also love being in sneakers and converse are the most comfortable in the world! Greetings 😊

Well, if you had been in heels in the middle of a police chase you would have come up with a 2000 word post in one language. shock! That's quite a challenge. Those red shoes are carteluos. I have a pair of booties. Regards @wendyth16

That's night. This par of shoes is very light

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