Glovebox, the car's black box - WEEK 145


Glovebox, the car's black box.

You won't get a flat tire as long as you have a spare in the car. - Murphy


On first reading the writing prompts for this weekend's engagement, one of them particularly caught my attention and that is what stuff I have in the glove compartment of my car, that's a good question.

Perfect opportunity to go through the glove box to see what else is out there.

I don't know the legislation in other countries, but in Romania we have some annual things that we have to do, namely compulsory car insurance (RCA), technical car inspection (ITP) and road tax (ROVIGNETA), all of which we are obliged to have physically in the car, so that when we are stopped in traffic by the Romanian policemen we can present them (I don't understand why in sec.XXI still we are not digitized so we don't need 2 kg of papers made of all kinds of documents, we don't think about the environment), so at least once a year I have to open the glove compartment.

Now you may be wondering but no one stops me in traffic to check my papers, lately I can say that I'm lucky so no one stops me to ask for my papers, that's the reason why I don't open the glove box very often.

Let's see what I find in the glove compartment today?

It was almost there and the first thing I found here was a spider web, hehe.

Yes the first item I see on here is a working flashlight, I knew it was here, I have it for just in case I get stranded with my car somewhere at night (a few years ago my car's short beam bulb burned out and I had to change it on the spot, then I really needed that flashlight) and needing the flashlight I can rely on it.



We go further to the map where I have all the mandatory car documents that I have to keep in the car in order to make them available to the police in case I am stopped in traffic.

Also in this map I have all the taxes that I have paid outside the Romanian borders, I have here from tolls to bridge taxes, I keep them all usually for 5 years, I have been travelling outside the Romanian borders for a long time and I have never been surprised to receive fines at home because I have not paid any tax.




Other items would be a mini diary in which I didn't write anything down, some pens, a couple of hair ties (I think they are my wife's, hehe) and of course a wooden cross that I bought from a monastery I visited(out of respect for religious orientations other than my own I will not put the image).






Too many items don't fit in the glove compartment because at least here in Romania this part of the car represents a real interest for thieves and a quite high percentage of cars that have been surrendered by thieves have been left without the items in the glove compartment.

This is also the reason why I don't keep my wallet, my or my wife's ID, keys to my property or any valuables that fit in the glove compartment.

My dear followers and visitors in Romania, it is going to be a weekend full of sunshine and beautiful weather, good for going out, I end this post telling you to have a wonderful time.

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P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug!


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