One of The Best Noodle Shops in Jakarta's Red-light District


Last Saturday, my wife craved a good pork noodles soup. She wanted to go to Chinatown in West Jakarta, an area called Mangga Besar. This is one of the places I try to avoid going on weekdays as the traffic there is so congested. Even before the pandemic, I had not been to this area for a while, so after checking Google maps and finding out that it was only 40 minutes (10 km), I thought... why not?

According to history, in the 18th century, the area of Mangga Besar became the location of settlements for immigrants, especially from other parts of Java. It was inhabited mainly by the wealthy aristocrats of Central Java who had business affairs with the Dutch East Indies government (VOC). Slowly this area developed into an entertainment center for the deep-pocketed.


Inside this complex, you will find all your night entertainment needs. Back in early 2000, some nightclubs opened 24 hours during weekends.

The name Mangga Besar which means "Big Mango" came from the fact there was once a big mango tree bearing big mango fruits in the area. The neighborhood is a popular nightlife destination in Jakarta. It is a central area for night entertainment, such as discotheques, karaokes, pubs, spas, and even secret gambling dens. Mangga Besar is often known as an area that never sleeps. This area is always busy in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, and even at dawn, crowded. You will also find many hotels along this road that provide cheap rooms for the practice of prostitution. Room rental prices range from 10 USD to 100 USD.



When we arrived around 16:00, the area was not as busy as I had expected. Passing traffic was light to moderate, and we had no problem finding a parking space. We see on the side street people busy preparing and setting up their food stalls. The side street designated for parking space is slowly filled with food and fruit stalls.


Duku fruit stall.


Fruit vendors prepare tables to display their fruits.


If you like durian, Mangga Besar is the place to go.

We parked right across from the noodle shop we wanted to visit. There were no customers except us as it was still a bit early for mealtime. This noodle shop has a simple and basic setup. No air conditioning, and inside there are about 10-12 seats. I was a bit surprised to find this noodle shop open 24 hours.


IMG_20220924_162230 (1).jpg


The noodle shop with a simple setup.


They have 3 different kinds of noodles: thin, wide, and thick. We both ordered the thick version which has a chewier texture. We also ordered a side dish that consists of deep-fried pork meatballs and pork/shrimp dumplings (shumai). The special menu noodle we ordered came with 3 different pork flavors: crispy roast pork, BBQ pork (charsiu), and braised pork in soy sauce. It also came with a bowl of tasty broth. Not only the simple noodle dish was scrumptious, but the side dish was also surprisingly good! The whole meal plus a bottle of soft drink cost only 7.00 USD and it was satisfying. A highly recommended noodle place.


The now looked empty side street will soon be busy with people during mealtime.



Food vendors prepare their equipment, tents, table, and seatings for mealtime.

After having our noodles, we decided to have a walk and explore the neighborhood. We spent about 30 minutes walking around and found nothing changed. The old shops, and Chinese restaurants we used to go to before the pandemic was still there. We don't know what the area looks like now at night, but one thing is for sure we didn't see much of beautiful young women dressed in sexy attires around the area anymore. This proves that the nightly entertainment business has not recovered yet.

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Mangga Besar means Big mango. So Besar means big. We also call mango as mangga in our our dialect and were the same on that word.

Oh durian is also available in your place. There is also a lot of durian here in our place. It is my favorite too, but some people doesn't like it because of its smell.

Thanks for sharing it with us @rebolegi

I know from my Filipino friends that we have a few similar words, maybe with slightly different spellings, such as; putih (white), baca (read), kilat (lightning), empat (four), lima (five), anak (child), and mangga! Both our countries are archipelago countries and have similar climates thus we have similar tropical fruits. Thanks for stopping by.😊

Ah okay, may I know in what country do you belong?

I am amazed by the similar words that we have and good thing you know some. It is not difficult for you to understand some of our words.

I'm from Indonesia, and I live in Jakarta.😊

Ah okay, nice to meet you @rebolegi. I have a board mate before who is also an Indonesia and he went home already there in Indonesia.

Nice to meet you too @jenthoughts.😊

Wow! mango and durian...I wish they are all year round😃

Both are my favorite fruits! We also have frozen durian in our freezer!🤣

Oh my! I'm dead jealous😋😂 Yumyum...durian peak season is coming....Do you know seeds can be cook and eaten? or use in food to make creamy, sticky sauce?a substitution to flour?this is healthier than flour. I don't throw them away..I cook it

Yes, we cook jackfruit and durian seeds also but it's not too popular in the city and my wife never bothers to cook them. She prefers the flesh!😅

The famous durian. I've heard a lot about it, have read a lot of post on Hive, about how it is but have never tasted it. I would taste the noodles though :)

We call the durian fruit the "king of fruits". If you could stand the pungent smell, you will probably love its (acquired) taste. The noodles, at first I didn't expect much, but once I tasted it... I was very impressed and will definitely come back for more. 😋

If you could stand the pungent smell

Exactly 😂
Unfortunately I'm pretty sensitive to smells because of my bile, so, that would be a tough test for me.

Hahaha... you don't have to be near the durian to smell it. You can catch a whiff from across the room once it's opened, and that'd be the test for you if you like it or not.😊

What a special place! and what you tell us about it even more, thank you for sharing not only the story, but also the images of a place so far away for me.

Thank you for stopping by and am glad you liked the short virtual tour of Jakarta.😊

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