Weekend-Engagement 145: A Birthday Gift ~ Shoe



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One piece
Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or a pair of shoes? Take a photo and explain why it's a favourite item, you can be wearing it or just lay it out on the bed or something, get creative. You must use your own photos for this post of course and it must contain at least 250 words.


There are a few things I hold dear to my heart and one of them is this pair of black cover shoes I got back three years ago from a friend as a birthday gift.

I think this is more likely the first birthday gift I have ever gotten, perhaps that is why I can't seem to get over the pair of shoes even when I have two other black cover shoes, and this one is a bit worn out, I still can not get over the shoes.


I wear the shoe to any event, in short, "it is my ride or die shoe" and though it's been three years since I was given this shoe, I still remember that particular birthday event at the back of my mind because it came with a gift.

I am not one to ask or seek birthday gifts but the baby girl called me out, and surprisingly took me to a shoe store to pick up that shoe she bought for me.

Although it is an old lady now, but I still wear it with pride at any given opportunity I get because it gives me kinda vibes I can not lay explain. I have a lot of pictures I have worn these shoes with.


I guess that's why I am so obsessed with it because it's from a place of love to a place of gratitude.


I've had shoes like this that I love and I can't stop wearing them, I like to wear them with everything. Great that you like them so much enjoy.