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RE: One of The Best Noodle Shops in Jakarta's Red-light District


The famous durian. I've heard a lot about it, have read a lot of post on Hive, about how it is but have never tasted it. I would taste the noodles though :)


We call the durian fruit the "king of fruits". If you could stand the pungent smell, you will probably love its (acquired) taste. The noodles, at first I didn't expect much, but once I tasted it... I was very impressed and will definitely come back for more. 😋

If you could stand the pungent smell

Exactly 😂
Unfortunately I'm pretty sensitive to smells because of my bile, so, that would be a tough test for me.

Hahaha... you don't have to be near the durian to smell it. You can catch a whiff from across the room once it's opened, and that'd be the test for you if you like it or not.😊