Yesterday, at the end of the day, I had to visit some people in Pula, the city about ten kilometers from the small town in which I live.

It was a short visit. We shared a short chat and a quick coffee, I delivered some documents that a friend asked me to bring to the city because his car is in the repair shop, and then ...


... I drove to the opposite side of Pula.

To the neighborhood that includes the train station. I spent only half an hour or less there because the light was getting low pretty fast.

Here you can see the evening train arriving from somewhere with the lights on and a bit of urban scenery in the background.


This is an old silo built probably in the first decade of the 20th century. I haven't found the exact year, but I'm sure that it was part of the Austro-Hungarian industrial and military infrastructure created in the period between the last decades of the 19th century and the end of War World I when the empire collapsed.

Here you can see some boats in the bay across the street from the silo. There are only a couple of piers in this part of the bay. In the background, you can see the tall industrial structures of the shipyard.

Here you can take a better look at one of those structures. I always thought that this was something used for building a ship, but today I found out on the Internet that this is actually an oil platform that is being built in the shipyard.

Here you can see the old, a not very secure bridge across a canal that leads from the bay to ... I don't know ... somewhere.

The canal is a long, narrow inlet that looks like a river.

The area across the bridge is great for urban exploration.


You can find a bunch of abandoned buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period ...


... and some simple street art too. Here you can see the interior of the storage building shown in the previous photograph.

Here you can see the nearby building from the same period and from the same military complex. In the following photograph ...

... the focus is on two ground-floor windows and the blackberry shrubs in front of them.

Here you can see the front of the building.


This interior shot was taken from the entrance.

This hole, or a circular window, is also situated on the front facade, not far from the main door.

Here you can see two regular windows situated higher on the building.

This is the nearby storage building introduced earlier, seen from another angle.

On the way back to the main road between the suburbia and the bay, I photographed some more graffiti ...

... and this purse that was hanging on the thorny shrubs like something thrown away after the crime.

I was almost out of that abandoned area when this photograph was taken.


In this photograph, I zoomed in on the oil platform in the shipyard.





Great places! Despite the abandonment, the surroundings of the urban are very good!

Yes. I don't mind abandoned places in the city. I like their quiet atmosphere a lot, actually.

Absolutely agree!

Great shots @borjan friend!!!



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This doesn't seem like a short visit! You might have only spend a few minutes with the people but a lot with the surroundings. It looks like you uncovered a lot of things is this shoet visit. Especially with the purse that was just abandoned after the crime.

There wasn't any crime ... I'm almost sure that there wasn't any crime involved. It's just that the purse on the shrubs looks like something thrown away after the crime. But it was probably just an old purse that someone has thrown away because is old. Out of fashion or something.

Yeah I picked up on your reference/joke there after my comment 😂. But I do agree it look like it was left behind after a chase and someone decided rather to run than pick it up! But it was properly just discarded for it being old and out of fashion.


That Oil platform Looks to me like the stairs to be used to reach on the top of higher buildings, And from seeing the condition One can easily say the bridge is picture is about to get collapsed. Who will be responsible for the damage done due to thsi bridge ?

The city administration will be responsible. And I know that because recently a man fell there from that bridge because of the decaying railing, and got compensation from the city.

Nothing can compensate a life.

Yeah. But the victim of negligence survived this time.

Glad to know he survived, but the bridge is still the same, they should have rebuilt it.

Lovely photos. About the silo, is it abandoned already?

Yes, it's abandoned.

How strange that they do not restore these buildings as museums for educational purposes. Maybe it's because it's still winter, but the landscape looks sad with so many ruins and abandoned buildings. Thanks for sharing @borjan.

Harbor docks are always interesting places to visit, as you never quite know what big ships you might see there !LOL 🚢🛳⚓️⛴

Awesome photos, thanks for sharing them! 👏

Did you hear about the cartoonist being investigated?
Police on the case say he has a sketchy past.

Credit: reddit
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Graffiti, lovely artworks.
Great pics bro, really calming to me for some reason 😭😂✨

Very sad for the victims of this crime

There wasn't any crime ... I'm almost sure that there wasn't any crime involved. It's just that the purse on the shrubs looks like something thrown away after the crime. But it was probably just an old purse that someone has thrown away because is old. Out of fashion or something.


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