Is this the opportunity to invest in CUB!

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Hello lovely people of HIVE community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, today remarkable dip observed in cub worth. Cub worth is less than 2.0 USD. Currently CUB worth is 1.85 USD.


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Offcoarse not a good situation for people who have cubs and who purchased cubs at higher worth. It is time for cub holders to show patience and hold their asset. It will rise again. Patience is virtue.

On the other dip in cub worth provided good opportunity to collect cub at cheap rates. It is time to invest in CUB. It will not help to strengthen CUB worth but also help to build people trust over CUB coin. I would love to collect at cheap worth. What is your opinion.
Note: Be aware I am not a financial expert so please invest at your own risk. Wish you all a very happy and healthy life ahead. Have a nice time.

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I got in at this level. I think it is a fairly safe bet that it will go up from here. Kingdoms will launch next week and leobridge just launched. Development on CUB sets it apart from many other De-fi platforms.

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all time low. finding new support.

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We can provide support by investing more. It will help to strengthen cub.

I hope so. Thanks for stopping by and sharing words of wisdom.

Can be a super smart move or not :)

If we look at numbers compare to other defi platforms, it should a good decision because of MC.

Can be a good longterm thing :)

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It will be a definitely smart move