HBD or Convert it in to HIVE which philosophy do you like?

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Hello lovely people of HIVE community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, HIVE platform offers earning in the form of HIVE POWER (HP) and HIVE BACKED DOLLAR (HBD).


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HIVE Power, has slighter higher APR of 3.22% as compare to HBD which offers 3.00% APR. Higher HP strengthen your position in the platform. HP means more influence on the platform. Higher HP means you have higher voting worth. On the other hand HBD give you liberty to convert HBD in to HP or liquid HIVE. HBD first convert into liquid HIVE which can be converted into HP by powering up. HIVE or Liquid HIVE is the HIVE available for trading. You can convert in to fiat in exchanges like Binance, Bitrex, Probit etc. You can also trade HIVE into other crypto currencies.

HP can't be used for trading directly. You have to power down and convert HP in to HIVE by powering down. It takes 13 week to completely power down your HP. Despite all this factor, majority of user love to collect more HP. For this purpose they convert HBD into HP. People love to convert at higher HBD value as it gives higher HIVE. People wait for the gain of HBD worth. Unfortunately this is not a one way story as HBD/HIVE price moves in both ways. Decrease in HBD worth or increase in HIVE worth as compared to HBD give you less HIVE. This scenario make the conversion little bit tricky. I often convert HBD into HIVE regularly. Which philosophy do you like. Do you like to convert HBD into regular basis or otherwise? I would love to read your valuable comments in comment section.

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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I like accumulating HP, this gives me more voting power and influence.
I also participate Hive Power UP competition so again convert my hive to HP.
I dont know why but i like HP.

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Of course HIVE is way better than HBD! After HF HBD should go back down, supposedly the plan is to fix the peg. I don’t know, but I like selling my HBD as it comes in daily. You can't vote or curate with HBD, so to me it is just a stable coin.

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