'Login via Facebook', 'Share Post' - Could it Happen?

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It's been talked about LOTS, attracting the masses to HIVE. Let me use Facebook users as an example.

What would it take for masses of Facebook users to cross-post their shit on HIVE? I use that term loosely but in essence, a lot of content is just that.


Speaking from my perspective and my own Urban Exploration community, it is relatively threadbare. Some proper posts would be welcome, even less wordy ones.

Besides, @grindle, who has taken more to Street Art lately, and @fastchrisuk who comes up with some interesting stuff, there are just a few other international users who contribute.

After some two-and-fro commenting from @acidyo earlier on his post, I started thinking again about ‘Login with Facebook’.

...'it would be nice to see more posts NOT from me, or that is Urban Exploration themed. Not all the above are...'

It's the button that has appeared on LeoFinance (thanks @anomadsoul) but has it made any difference?

Why didn't it happen elsewhere? Too tough to implement, too complicated? For the Facebook crowd, it needs to be anything other than complicated or they will veto it.

Do we want Facebook users cross-posting their content onto HIVE? It would create a lot of crap, I do know that. What about targeted Facebook users? This seems more plausible.

I have been collaborating with TWO other Urban Explorers recently. One of them doesn't take himself very seriously, while the other has a huge Facebook following, is quite hated within the community and yet I get on very well with him.


If he wears masks, is a mystery man, let's newspapers use his photographs simply for fame, then big fucking deal.

...They are generally DERPS anyway...

I am not a fan of this sell-out attitude but am not bigoted enough to criticise him. I often wonder when both of them are talking about Facebook 'likes', what is the drive?

It’s not the same as me; I love HIVE and its reward pool. Am I doing this for the money? Of course I fucking am, but there are reasons other than that.

...'I don't have 40,000 followers, are there 40,000 active users on HIVE?, but I get a lot more than 'Likes'...

It's the perfect platform to write about my life and mini-adventures. Take some HIVE out, and leave most of it accumulating. I feel that's how it should be done.

...Give something back for fucks sake...

If you are a Facebook user I can imagine what you would think if it was as easy as 'Connect with Facebook' and then 'Share Last Post'.

Magic Money. I admittedly get a decent share of the daily rewards. I don’t post every day, and this is one of the reasons.

  • A Facebook User might go into farm mode, post something on Facebook, then hit 'Share Last Post', rinse and repeat*

It doesn’t work this way of course, but they won’t know that until the down-vote hammer hits, probably due to spamming.


For reference, I will now collate a list of probable 'rules' what a Facebook user should do, not do, and what to expect if this ever comes to fruition.

  • Don’t cross-post more than once a day.

Why? There's only so much Magic Money printed daily. It's not infinite, and as a new user, you won't get much of that daily pot. You will likely get something.

  • Don’t post 100% photographs; add some wording of your own. It doesn’t have to be as wordy as mine, 50-100 words is easy, try it.

HIVE is a blogging platform mostly. The more wordy and original your content, the more eyes you will attract.

  • If someone comments, respond. Your Facebook post is fine, you can ignore people, the duplicate version on HIVE is a different animal. Don’t ignore people.

HIVE has a small user base. If someone is interested in your crap, have the decency to say 'thanks' or even better form a sentence.

  • The next one is tough and a cross-post won’t work very well as HIVE rewards for original content only..., 'you must give credit to other content on your post that is not yours'.

This is perhaps a sticking point in cross-posting. On Facebook, you can use someone else’s content (within reason) and nobody will say shit.

...'hearts are up-votes (Likes), broken-hearts are down-votes (is there an equivalent?). One will gain you HIVE, the other will remove it. The above post will get a big fat NOTHING. The value shown is NOT HIVE. but the approximate $US Dollar payout...'

On HIVE, you will get accosted by @hivewatchers quickly, warned, and then down-voted if nothing is done.

...'Hive Watchers are the self-appointed Police. Highly controversial and take no prisoners. New people often get warned and more'...

Would a Facebook user understand the concept of citing an image or some wording? This is going to be problematic and has already driven people away who given HIVE a try.

  • ‘but I can’t write like you’

The reason one of my test subjects does not use HIVE. Does he need to be wordy, and write at least 700 words per article to be able to use and benefit from HIVE?

If my post generates, for example, $50, and is 700 words in length, could he write 70 words and be rewarded $5?


It's an over-simplistic example and I am thinking that @anidiotexplores would get a buzz out of even 50c for his contribution.

…and do you know what? That's exactly 50c more than he gets on Facebook.

The response from @anidiotexplores:


This brings me to 'Lost Place and Forgotten Faces’ or @lpff as I call him. @grindle will be cursing me now, muttering..., well.. I can't say more.

It's true he's not loved on Facebook by other explorers but I can't deny his following or his enthusiasm for exploring.

He also has a lot of contacts and shares a lot of locations with me.


Would his content be 'valuable' on HIVE? It's not like mine, is far more factual but I do like his 'personal experiences' section always below the white line.

Could that be 'worth' 50c on HIVE? Like @anidiotexplores, he gets fuck all on Facebook despite that huge following and the 'dodgy mask'.

The response from @lpff:


I rarely talk HIVE to either of them, we are too busy experiencing while out in the field, and besides that HIVE stuff is 'far too complicated'

Lastly, and most importantly...

  • How do I get the money out?

It takes me around 20 minutes currently to 'convert' HIVE to UK Sterling. Not bad, but there's no button stating, 'Send all my rewards to the bank account' and never will be.


I won't go into all this but it involves Binance, small transaction exchange charges, and then a £1 charge to send it to Santander, HSBC, Barclays, or some other bank.

...'BINANCE: not as daunting as it looks, if you want to convert 'Magic Money' to pay for your next KFC meal then you will need to use this'...

Some banks are more receptive to incoming charges from Binance than others. Mine (Santander) currently works. Remember that the banks see crypto as a threat to their existence and accept it with reluctance.

Concluding, both of them are interested, but would HIVE be interested in them? I could say the same for my early efforts.


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Personally if it was up to me people could post as much and whatever they wanted and then the community of voters decides what they vote on. I mean that's what it's all about right? The decartelized aspect of it all. What KILLS this is the auto votes and curation trails if you ask me. They promote people to be lazy and passive instead of reading, commenting and actully voting on quality content they enjoy. Instead now it's one big account with a hundred little ones behind it doing nothing it makes no sense but perhaps that's a story for another time?

It's the age old debate of Hive and what it really is and at times feels very selective and controlled by a select few massive accounts.

General guidance wise in my opinion would be

Post unique content here on hive it doesn't have to be pully unique as I know many repost videos, tiktoks, pictures wording etc from their own blogs and social posts that's always the case between web2 social networks so it's going to be the case with Hive web3 as well.

Engagement! People commenting on their posts is a big factor to me about how much influence that person has and value they bring. This includes them commenting on the comment to spark more engagement. It shows real "value"

Post as much as you want I say but remember quality is going to outperform quantity at least in the long run.

If the image/ content/ quote is not from you it must be credited to that person.

These are actully pretty basic standard rules that apply to even web2 and your own blog/ranking seo so they should be rather easy to understand and abide by.

Thank you. Every time these discussions come up, for 5 years I've complained about the negative effect autovoters and curation trails have on both the ideological origins of Hive AND its economic structure for the exact reasons you outlined.

Things are not going to change overnight but over the 4.5 years I have been here.. I have seen some big ones. I use auto-votes but often find myself in he 90% VP range with little to vote on.

I have to vote for something, but there is not enough to vote on. Finding new content, new authors takes time. I do support many smaller one but time is the problem.

If the image/ content/ quote is not from you it must be credited to that person. These are actully pretty basic standard rules that apply to even web2

Mass copying yes, one image though.. is used often without citation. No problem on Facebook. In the UX community it is generally the history portion. It's fact, it's history it can't be changed and yet it must be cited on HIVE.

That was an issue with @grindle when he started. He knows now, but it's a repeating problem with new people.

That makes sense I know I spend hours and my hive pool isn't massive but it's decent. I have a hard time finding or honestly spending hours finding what I feel is worth content. It's a real chore. It's why I've done partial delegations to a curation account plus some of the kickback. I will admit though Hive has come a LONG way and it's improving in quality and user base every day and I believe it's because of a majority of people on here caring and doing their best.

I agree totally whit you on this comment.

I have never used the down vote button, not my style, but I know when I would start!!!!

The seething hatred.., I feel it coming across the wire. If only we could get...


.. then the action would start.

yeah posts some good stuff, have shared some stuff with him in the past, must be 12 months or longer since I visited 28

I think it would work as only a small minority of people would use it and it of those there might be a fair number that want to try and earn this mysterious crypto they keep hearing about. Most people have an idea that they can't just use any old material and a quick warning from someone should they not would probably bring them in line.

But the power of Facebook is strong. People resist the unknown.

For me, it's trying to get some more UX people on, even just commenting (to start). Writing is a skill we both take for granted, I had no clue I could do this before I started.

Commenting.., it's not hard is it? You might see @anidiotexplores here soon. I am linking him up with Ecency.

I genuinly thought because you tagged him all the time that he was on and active!

That would be good if he did. Then he could see how mental we all are for real :OD

He's not, but the account is live. He installed Ecency yesterday but has to logon which he hasn't, such is the pull!

Its all that loggin on shenanigans that is the nightmare. Once its done it is done thankfully

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Hive should focus on quality, integrity and sincerity as opposed to masses.

Masses won't bring investment and token price rises, they'll just create bigger turnover and more selling.

Hive needs to concentrate on being the best at what it is and allowing communities to create bridges to the real world.

Recreating Facebook groups and communities would be cool but quantity isn't always the best.

Hive should focus on quality, integrity and sincerity as opposed to masses.

This is why I say targeted. Facebook posts are generally short and no so sweet. The two examples I made are short word-wise, but have plenty of images.

Masses won't bring investment and token price rises, they'll just create bigger turnover and more selling.

Many will leave, get flagged then leave.., some might stick it out. Those are the ones I am targeting.

Recreating Facebook groups and communities would be cool but quantity isn't always the best.

This is an area I do check and often. Good stuff in the UX community will get big votes and @curies. I see little. Again my example are targeted.

@acidyo mentioned trying to get them to comment. It's a good idea, not everyone can write wordy stuff like us.

An easy on-ramp from existing social accounts would be a big boost for Hive recruitment. I'm sure an influx of new users will bring challenges, but we need more people. They need to be given a chance to find their way without instant attacks for 'breaking the rules'. People are used to just posting off the cuff elsewhere.

I tried to LeoFinance Facebook connection. It's hardly promising. Has it ever worked?


They need to be given a chance to find their way without instant attacks for 'breaking the rules'.

Yes, a massive problem is it's done through ignorance,and then there's the arrogant responses and 'Fuck this.. I'm leaving'. We have seen it all before.

Maybe we should question @logic at HF?

People are used to just posting off the cuff elsewhere.

It's not those I am targeting, just specific promising people.. but it needs to be easier regarding the things I mentioned in the post.

Those who already blog 'professionally' should know what is acceptable. They need to bring their fans over.

@lpff has those 43k followers and yet get's nothing from Facebook. @anidiotexplores tells me you need to 'beg' for stars that are purchasable from Facebook inc., and then send them to your favourite authors.

He refuses to do it. I told him HIVE is printed from thin air daily. He likes this idea much better. I don't think he will ever write but I'm getting him on via Ecency now. Comments will work, and he can make a start there.

I am lost here. Why was I tagged?

Cause you do shitty things.

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Because you are attending HF7, so am I.., there are things we need to talk about.

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We should Log-In to Facebook using a HIVE account, not the other way around.

LOL, that's looking at it from a different angle.

That is how it's supposed to be. The Account and its features is the utility.

I'm with this comment thread. Life would be so much easier if KEYCHAIN ruled the world. I love being able just to log in with that button.


If there is a Facebook link, it needs to be secure. Facebook users are generally shit on privacy protocol IMHO, although your masked explorer friend is probably an exception. Maybe if it tied into Hivesigner, it could work. Much more painless than key management.

It's still way to difficult for most people. I think we need something that is integrated with the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store before we are really going to see mass adoption. I don't even know if anyone is working on that though.

I am disappointed the Facebook / LEO connector does not work. It's there but when you click it barfs.

They've got a lot of plates spinning right now and not a lot of developers. They might get to it one day. Probably later rather than sooner.

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Quite random, but if you are in the UK, couldn't you use the Binance card to spend your hard earnt 50c?

The card isn't available in Australia where I am at, but hopefully it makes it's way over. Will make spending crypto so much easier.

I wasn't aware there was one, will look into that.. thanks.

Was curious myself so I went to have a look. Link.

Although I think you might be out of luck if you are in the UK.


A better onboarding of traditional social media sites would I think definitely have an effect for usership - particularly if we could pair upcoming RC Delegation to the new accounts and thus let them actually use the site with fairly few blockers in place.

Beyond that of course, we'd have to find a way to influence some of the Powers That Be, that a bit of a "quality dip" isn't the end of the world and that more users is a net positive.

The RC deletion HF can't come soon enough. Little has happened recently. I hope for it. Delegating HP to new users is hardly perfect.

HP delegation works but it's an inelegant solution compared to what's in the pipes for sure. RC delegation is a big step towards being able to onboard without needing to even TALK about wallets, keys, RC/HP/hbd/hive and all the shit that usually gets normies going glassy-eyed and tuning out.

RC/HP/hbd/hive and all the shit that usually gets normies going glassy-eyed and tuning out.

LOL, don't even go there!

I think it's a great idea that HIVE is being integrated with facebook. It will help to increase the visibility of the HIVE platform and attract more users. Additionally, it will help to solidify HIVE's position as a leading social media platform. My opinion though.
You are some grate points here though

Hello everyone, I think Hive needs to go further and focus on being the best at what it is and allowing us to interact more with the real world. In this way, you can create greater competition with the rest of the social networks.


This article is very helpful.

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to test it, as long as the community can be made bigger and more interactive.

yo creo que no estaría mal hacer la prueba, siempre que se pueda hacer la comunidad mas grande e interactiva.

Si colocamos el botón de Facebook tendríamos muchas publicaciones de Memes en primer lugar, y luego un montón de publicaciones de muchas chicas lindas que buscan llamar la atención, pero que realmente no son ellas las que están detrás del teclado, sino un demente falto de atención que busca como estafar pidiendo que le transfieran algo de HBD o sencillamente saldo a su teléfono.

Desde mi punto de vista la idea es pésima (N)

Although having a share to facebook option would be amazing and somewhat confusing to have and to see, as you mentioned in the post, most users will tend to switch over to "farming mode" as you refer it... And that in turn will cause a lot of buggerish and empty posts to be spammed onto tue blockchain, but it will also give the smaller and those unable to patch together a good story, (interesting or otherwise not) but it will also give them a chance to share their story and evidently being the owner of that story, even if its only a picture with 10 words

Facebook and hive sounds great. But it all depends on what hive stands for. Facebook has crowd but reddit, twitter, LinkedIn seemed to be of greater energy, a better audience and possibly a more fertile ground.

Crossing posting on Facebook once a week means never to abuse the opportunity. Only photos with backing up with words is kind of empty.

You really hit the nail on the head with this interesting and insightful post of yours . Social media users that don’t know about Hive honestly do not know what they are missing . Take the LeoThreads and Twitter for example . I use both , I enjoy both but one adds value to me financially. I’m sure you know which .

Do we want Facebook users cross-posting their content onto HIVE?

Perhaps in a Threads format like Leo has. Otherwise, I suspect 99% of it will be most unwelcome. I don't enjoy wading through spam 👎

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To get any praise from @baah is something.

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That's more like it, keep in character.. at least.

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