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RE: What Is A Meaningful Vote Value?

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Very good question.
I appreciate all the upvotes I get, how little or large they may be. 😁

I do tend to upvote comments with a smaller upvote then the posts.
This means I can give a lot more to good posts and more little bits to much more replies and comments. And I comment a lot and receive a lot of replies.
I think it evens nicely out.

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I just want to know the sweet spot. I don't want to create dust for people. There seems to be an art to curation and I'm hanging out below the hive power level when I don't need to be.

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I think it depends on your votevalue too, how good the post or comment is etc. Lots of factors to keep in mind.

I would say, vote above the minimum payout level.

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Yeah, I don't care about quality. I just want to encourage authors who are trying. I vote mainly leo users and they are usually worthy once they find their voice. I just want Hivians to understand they can earn with effort.

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And that’s a really great way to look at it.
I do too, for me good posts are about effort. (But I do just everywhere, hive communities and leofinance)

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Yeah, I think so too.

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