I am skeptical of current prices

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We have seen, in the last week, cryptocurrencies going down A LOT and then back up very fast actually.

But that only makes me more cautions. Although they went back up, they did not touch or, better, surpassed the levels they were previously before the most recent drop.


I really really wanted to buy more Hive and power it all up, but I don't feel safe in the current conditions. I won't feel safe until it at least reach the levels it was before the drop and stay there.

When markets drop and quickly recover, but without touch or surpassing the previous price levels, it is not a good sign. Means people do not want to buy at previous levels.

If you, like me, would like to get some Hive, but do not want to wait, my word of caution would be to buy slowly over time.

I go by the thought that it is better to miss out on an opportunity to make money, than to grab an opportunity to lose money.

Of course I believe in Hive, and even if you buy and it drops, there is a possibility that in 2 or 3 years it won't matter because it can (does not mean it will) eventually go above where you bought, but I would rather save and buy at lower prices to have more Hive. This is what I mean whenever I say "reserve of opportunity".

In the meanwhile, there are savings, I can buy HBD and save on the blockchain with the current 10% APY yearly yield, which is great, and should be advertised so that outside people that are also afraid of the markets can see it and come to Hive to have some sort of safe space until things turn clearly and safely bullish again.


Good day. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Although I'm not an experienced user of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, it seems to me that the price of the Hive token will drop. Although how it will actually be, time will tell, but I have such a premonition. Nice post. Thank you. I wish you success in your business.

Wow a super polite nice comment. Seems like hive is in the spirit of early steem again haha getting ready for when people get massive upvotes like price is right

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Thanks for the comment. I try to be honest. I write as I feel. I am not afraid of criticism. Have a good evening.

Hive won't drop as much because we aren't artificially swayed with exchanges we have decentralized supply of hive. Also you have to power down to sell that helps .. 13 weeks haha

We need to pump hbd

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Oh wow! You're absolutely right. I didn't realise but HBD is indeed currently set to 10%. It wasn't that long ago that it was 3% and then 7%. 10% really is amazing!

Does anyone know what happens to Hive that is sent to savings? Does it earn 10% APR, or 3.75% or nothing?

Just hbd increases on savings. You need to power up to have 3% with hive

Thank you! I managed to ask in the PeakD chat, and your answer was confirmed for me... so I powered up that Hive that I had sitting in savings. Thanks so much!

You’re welcome !