Curator Cat Ponders: What Makes Something “Worthwhile?”

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia! We have reached the middle of the week, and I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy... turbulence in the crypto markets notwithstanding!

As you no doubt are well aware, we cats are notoriously lazy! We like to spend most of our time sleeping and doing as little as possible.

Busy doing my favorite thing!

Which made me sit up and ponder the greater question of exactly WHAT makes something “worthwhile” to us all? Specifically, worthwhile putting effort into.

Whether it’s posting to LeoFinance or Hive, or interacting with other people in the community, or just investing our coins in some project... it’s almost a given that we’re doing so because we feel that it is WORTHWHILE, in some fashion.

On my blanket in the living room

Stated a little differently, we wouldn’t BE here if we didn’t think it was worthwhile.

But what IS “worthwhile?”

Not Just About the Money!

I’m certain it means different things to different people... and some of those things might not be as obvious as we might think.

But looking beyond that, is “worthwhile” necessarily a FINANCIAL decision? Doesn’t seem like it.

Let’s be brutally honest here, an awful lot of people spend several hours today looking at posts and writing comments in exchange for... what? Maybe the equivalent of a couple of dollars? Which basically means — if we're only looking at money — we’re saying it’s “worthwhile” to be doing what we do here for maybe $1 an hour; very likely less.

And yet? If I asked you to mow our lawn or do our bookkeeping, you’d probably not even think about doing it for any less than $15 an hour.

So we have completely different metrics for “worthwhile.”

Which begs the question of whether the “opportunity value” of being able to sit in front of the computer clicking buttons rather than going “somewhere” and working hard at something tangible is... let’s say... $14 an hour?


Perception vs. Reality

What am I REALLY driving at, here?

Perhaps it’s the fact — and maybe a poignant reminder — that the entire notion of “worthwhile” is a highly intangible and slippery beast to try to define.

But one of the things that reveals itself — which becomes really important from a marketing perspective — is that our sense of worthwhileness is often more closely tied to the perception of a thing than to the reality of that thing.

Case in point: We tend to pitch Hive and its community ecosystem to the world on the basis of the "make money blogging" idea ("perception") but most people are actually here because they enjoy creating content and interacting/engaging ("reality").


Hope Can Be an Important Part of the Picture

Here in the extended Hive ecosystem quite a few of us may not be here directly for the money, but we are partially fueled by the hope that the Hive token, or LEO token, or some other token will go up like a rocket and become worth $10. Or $50.

And we have the hope that we'll any up with many thousands — or even millions — of active users.

In short, "hope" has value.

For me, "having fun" and "hope" are both pretty high up on the list of what makes this all worthwhile!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your week!



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