What Is A Meaningful Vote Value?

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First, I'm not here to answer the question, I'm here to ask it.
I love to curate and never really care what I earn doing it but it's great that I earn at least something.

I'm pretty big on giving 100% votes because my hive power is low and I like it to "matter" to people. It looks like my hive vote is worth $.03 today so a 100% vote would give someone $.015.

Ok, so they get 100 or so of those and they earn $1. Not bad. My Leo power is higher at 5,000 so it's a whole different story. I use the Leo Vote Weight Multiplier which allows me to give more Leo out than hive but I'm wondering if I'm still interest in that.

Currently my vote weight multiplier is set to 10 which means a 10% Leo Vote from me earns the same amount of Leo as a 100% vote but reduces my hive power by a tiny fraction. So technically the person earns full leo value but gets screwed on the hive vote.

It's a great tool and really kicks in if you are voting a lot of trives while trying to save your hive power. But I realize that I do not. I only really vote on Leo and Hive so I think I turn off the tool.

But that brings me to my question about what is a meaningful vote. Is there a point where the hive is so low that it is just dust and doesn't earn anything for anybody? How much hive must be given in a vote to earn something for the both author and curator. I just don't want to go below that point.

I'm happy given ten 100% votes per day but I would like to do more. Thoughts in the comments are appreciated.

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Haha I thought you wanted to tell us the answer but I guess I have to share my answer instead 😅

When I started Hive, I would always give a 100% vote because I knew then that it worth almost nothing but gave tiny... What I wasn't sure was if I was getting anything from it, I mean why expect something when I didn't give much at all? So I just kept voting to get used to it until I started giving up to 0.03

It's not easy growing your votes but it would be nice if you would allow yourself get used to voting not minding what you get out of it until your votes counts obviously.

But note that your most tiniest votes counts! You earn from them so just keep voting.

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It's something I've really wanted to know for a long time. Almost 5 years doing this on steem/hive/leo.

Make sure you see @yintercept comment below. It's explained well.

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Yeah I've seen it already
Thanks 🙂

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@cflclosers Im going to edit this into my compilation of helpful hive links.. because of the discussion you created here.

Yeah, I have been curating all wrong I guess. Well, on comments anyay. I'm not even sure if the vote I just gave your comment will count lol. I'm a little confused.

All the votes count all those little votes add up and also it's a form of attention. Outside of large whale votes, I appreciate them all and a comment even more.

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Ok,that's good to know. I remember on steemit some were too low to count. I am probably going to power up my hive to 2000. I'm selling it so why not.

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Hive is a really great token to accumulate in a bear market for many reasons.

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Certainly is. Im going to keep accumulating. Curation is a small part of it I suppose. Maybe a bigger part if done efficiently

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Very good question.
I appreciate all the upvotes I get, how little or large they may be. 😁

I do tend to upvote comments with a smaller upvote then the posts.
This means I can give a lot more to good posts and more little bits to much more replies and comments. And I comment a lot and receive a lot of replies.
I think it evens nicely out.

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I just want to know the sweet spot. I don't want to create dust for people. There seems to be an art to curation and I'm hanging out below the hive power level when I don't need to be.

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I think it depends on your votevalue too, how good the post or comment is etc. Lots of factors to keep in mind.

I would say, vote above the minimum payout level.

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Yeah, I don't care about quality. I just want to encourage authors who are trying. I vote mainly leo users and they are usually worthy once they find their voice. I just want Hivians to understand they can earn with effort.

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And that’s a really great way to look at it.
I do too, for me good posts are about effort. (But I do just everywhere, hive communities and leofinance)

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Yeah, I think so too.

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I am pretty sure the dust value / threshold is around 2 cents. Anything less and it will not reach the user you vote on nor come back to yourself.

This answers your question:


Not sure if it's still the case, since the most recent hardforks though

Don't you think you added too many zeros? 😉

so this was a 10% Leo vote. With the idea of giving 10% of leo vote power using the vote weight multiplier of 10. 10 x 1%= 10% Leo vote.

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now we know 🤩

IMO .1 is a good vote value.. .01 is respectable.. and 1 and above is what we should all strive for

Yeah but that doesn't seem to work according to the comments. Need to make sure it doesn't slip below $.02 cent level or some gets dusted. I gotta figure this out.

I have been wondering lately how some of these whale LEO votes are worth so much leo but so little hive. I didn't realize that was possible.


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well there is the vote multiplier and also the difference between leo power and hive power. I have 5x Leopower

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It's the 2 cents dust threshold and I have been using 20% while managing my voting power but it looks like I might have to change it. Like some people have said, there is dustsweeper to top off your comments or votes and I think it might work well because of the voting curve so you might come out ahead by a little.

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I remember dustsweeper from steemit but never really caught onto what it was. I sent a hive over there and will keep up with it. It's just crazy I didn't realize what was happening on my hive votes. I only paid attention to Leo. I was just making dust all over the place thinking I was helping people out.

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Make sure to toggle dustsweeper so it goes on your outgoing votes as well. I think it's set to dust up your comments that don't go over the threshold.

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