Do Good Things Really Come In Small Boxes???

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Maybe They Do ..

And we are all about to find out! Haha.. I already know what's in the box, and it's pretty cool. My Mother-In-Law brought it out to show me several weekends ago, and I was hooked. Not that I was looking for something else to collect (We all know I have been trying hard to part with 'Stuff', not add to the problem), But I just could not resist this one. And NO, It's not a pocket watch, if that is what you are thinking. Although she did show me one of those too.

It Was Sunday ..

And along with that came "Sunday Dinner" with the family. Every Sunday, when we are all available and free from activities, we get together as a family to spend a few hours eating and talking. Most of the time it is pleasant and free of the Italian-Polish drama that fills the air on rare occasions. I won't get too deep into that. haha.

This particular Sunday, my mother-in-law asked me if I would be interested in looking at something, or rather 'some things', and finding out if they are worth selling or not. Otherwise she was considering donating them. She brought out a small, tannish colored jewelry box. I got pretty excited because I love antique jewelry.

But the small tan box was not filled with neat, old jewelry. Nope.. Not a single piece. What lie inside was much more interesting and much more valuable. Maybe the value isn't that which we can place a dollar number on, but more so a sentimental value. A Value I was not willing to let her part with so easily. This needed to stay in the family for a bit longer.

So What Was Inside The Box ALREADY!? ..

Yeah, I have teased you long enough, so let's open her up and find out...



Lot's and lots of running medals!

To my surprise, these medals survived the years, having been handed down through the family.. And my mother-in-law now had them. I don't blame her for wanting to clean house and rid the clutter of objects that may not be all that interesting to her. My take on it was slightly different. Maybe I am getting more sentimental in my old age, or maybe I saw an opportunity to preserve something for the next generation. Our nieces and nephew (On that side of the family) may one day be glad I decided to save these from being given away. Or maybe not. Who knows. Right now I felt it was the right thing to do.

So The Medals Came Home With Us ..

I will slowly go through them and find out more about them. I know that they came from an uncle of my mother-in-law, who obviously loved sports, and who was probably pretty good at running. lol.


Most of the medals have dates on them from the early 1900's.. 1914, 1917 and so on. It is hard to believe they are over 100 years old and look like they were just stamped into form yesterday. Many of them, like the coins I collect, have awesome details and high relief designs. The box is just filled to the brim with so many to look at and research. This is going to be fun I think.


And for those of you wondering why I am posting this in the Stacker's Community...


The majority of the medals are silver or sterling silver. So the nice part about having these medals and saving them for the next generation of family members is that they are stackable as well! You can't beat that!

I am looking forward to exploring and researching these medals a bit further. Like the one below which was given to New Jersey residents that served in the world war. Unlike the majority, this medal is not sports related. I did observe a few others in the mix that pertain to the war. That alone peaks my interest.

So, This Could Be More Than Just A Box Of Medals ..

It's a box of memories, a box of events that someone lived through, achievements, experiences, victories, and losses. I (We) are rediscovering family, and even more than that; Learning about the importance of the events that they participated in, and quite possibly even survived.


It's Intriguing To Say The Least.

I suppose in this case the saying holds true.. "Good things (DO) come in small boxes."

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“The medals of the dead heroes are the coins for the future. (Les médailles des héros morts - Sont les pièces pour l'avenir.)”
― Charles de Leusse

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Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!


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That is awesome. Those medals are really cool. I was expecting it to be an old snuff box or something like that. My wife is from a big polish family, so I know half of what you are talking about there. Loud and and crazy!

Hahahaha.. Loud and crazy sounds right. lol. Yeah I was surprised myself. I can't wait to take my time and research this stuff. I should be fun!

These coins are really exceptional. Given it's age the condition is remarkable. And it's value is priceless !

They are not coin but medals.. like a medal you would get after a war or for wining an Olympic sporting event. Something like that. Yeah they are pretty cool and I am looking forward to find out more about them. 😊

Cool medals, half the fun is finding out their stories.

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Amen to that! I love a good back story or some history.. regardless of how uninteresting it may be. lol.

WOW, very cool!!!
Those are pretty unique and vintage!!!
@bdmillergallery , SCORE!!!

Yes very cool indeed! Even better that they have some history behind them 😁

How very cool! Our family tends to save everything but I don't think we've ever found anything quite so cool!

Keep looking! hehe. I am not one that likes to save everything, but a few things are kind of cool. Doubt anyone will want ALL my paintings that I have made over the years, but one.. if it appeals to them.. would make me smile 😊

I am looking forward to finding out more history about these pieces for sure!

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