To avoid losing too much its best to invest in crypto for the long term because crypto is a long term game.

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The best advice I can probably give is to invest into crypto for the long term because to me investing to crypto is a long term game and people who mostly are in the crypto industry wants to earn money in an easy way but their isn't really a way to earn money without some little sacrifices that will be needed.
Now everyone wants to avoid losing their money to crypto , because no one will invest in a business and not expect a profit, so that's where the long term comes in.
Cryptocurrency as we all know it, is a long term game and people who make better money and reduces their risk of losing money in the cryptocurrency system are those who are in it for the long term.
Investing in crypto consistently and steadily will be a great way of starting out with investing coupled with research and some other things will make it more easier to make profits.
When investing in crypto or when you are just starting out, its good to invest into coins that atr really valid like Bitcoin or any coin that you know can actually withstand the test of a long term game e.t.c.

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